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Andrews Senior Board

No description

Andrew Glesener

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Andrews Senior Board

Andrew Glesener "Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” 9th Grade Procrastinator. Loomis Santa Rosa Population of 161,496 Population of 6795 11th Grade Procrastinator Good Teachers Motivated Student Four As, Three Bs, and one C Big Accomplishment Senior Project Self-Defeat Procrastination Will it be my best? Children's Book Because I enjoy writing and telling stories. Creativity and inspiration can be fleeting. Career Exploration Training & Supplies: English Classes Paper Computer Steps Of The Project Step One: Brainstorm Product of the phase: Story about bully who gets stuck rhyming. Step Two: Writing Product of the Phase: Rough Draft Mr. Hancock, My mentor gave me a deadline of February 14. Step Three: Typing Story Product Of This Phase: Typed version of story. Step Four: Edit Story Product Of This Phase: Edited version of story. Step Five: Submit Story on Internet Product Of This Phase: Nothing Useful. Step Six: Gave Manuscript to Illistrator Product Of This Phase: Pictures for the story. Step Seven: Get Mr. Holcomb's Opinion Product Of This Phase: Crushed hopes and dreams. (And good criticism.) Step Eight: Scan in All of the Photos Secondary Steps of this phase: (A) Try to scan first page, scanner error happens. (B) Realised the picture was too big for the scanner. (C) Measure pictures and cut to fit at Fed-ex Office. (D) Rescan pictures. Product Of This Phase: Digital version of pictures. Step Nine: Photoshop Out Defects Product Of This Phase: Defect-less pictures. Step ten: Add Words to Pictures Product Of This Phase: Finished pages. Step Eleven: Convert Every Page to a Print-Ready File Product Of This Phase: Pages of book in PDF format. Step Twelve: Order the Book Product Of This Phase: Finished book. What Has the Project Improved in Me? I Defeated Self-Defeat. I Completed an entire large project. New level of self-confidence. If I can think of it, I can create it. Final Thoughts I learned: Being an author is not for me. My ability, talents, and learning skills are far better than I knew. I can do what I have never dreamed possible for myself. Thank you for your time, Questions? Laziness Not taking school seriously Job Outlook: Openings for authors will grow 8% Related Careers: Journalism Editor Technical Writers Cost To Enter Profession: 0$ Creativity The ability to sell your work Self-Confidence that's never defeated
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