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Mexican American War

No description

Macey Meraz

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Mexican American War

Polk Provoked The War
" Manifest Destiny"
*Manifest Destiny was John O" Sullivan created to identify the belief that the United States was meant to expand from coast to coast. In 1844 James K. Polk was elected President of the United States. Polk was a strong supporter of Manifest Destiny. He believed it was God's plan that America extend its territory all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Polk did not just want o annex Texas. He also had his eye on California. After Polk's election, before took office, Congress reversed itself and voted to annex Texas. Polk delighted.
Slavery Expands
Charles Sumner's objections to the Mexican American war was when the United States brought slaves on the Mexican territory where it was illegal. " Mexico, on achieving her independence of the Spanish Crown decreed the abolition of human slavery within her dominions, embracing the providence of Texas."
The United States was not justified for three reasons:

* President Polk provoked the war

* Robbery and Theft ( Manifest Destiny) The United states only wanted to steal the land.

* United States brought slaves on Mexican territory where it was illegal.

Robbery/ Theft
* Greedy land grabbers
O' Sullivan claims that the Mexican government is too" distracted" and to stupid to manage all the land and resources that come with it ( O' Sullivan). It seems like the Americans are creating any excuse to argue that selling Mexico's land is justified even by calling them names and judging their effectiveness to rule. What gives the United States the right to determine that?
Mexican American War
Macey Meraz

Polk sent troops to the disputed area in Texas ( Map). He said in his letter to congress " It has become necessary, to meet the threatened invasion of Texas by Mexican forces." However the Mexican forces were not planning an invasion of Texas. The Mexicans would seem that the U.S. was only invested in starting a fight so they could steal Mexico's land legally.
It seems that president Polk deliberately sent troops into areas that were disputed which forced Mexican government to react. This is the weak excuse Polk uses to defend
America was wrong to go to war with Mexico
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