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OFFICE POLITICS - Presentation

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Karmun Ooi

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of OFFICE POLITICS - Presentation

Reduced employees’ morale
Influence one’s mental health

The Cause and Effect of Office Politics
Office Politics

It is about what happens in a company or organization, between colleagues and subordinates.

It indicate gossip between the people in an organization.
The Cause of Office Politics
Conflicts are usually formed in:
- Individual vs. Individual
- Individual vs. Group
- Group vs. Group
- Competition

Susan Adams, a professional leader said: “GOSSIP IS GOOD FOR OFFICES”

Advantages of gossip
- Make the office a more efficient place
- Identify employees

Disadvantages of gossip
- Spoil a person’s mood
- Revenges and hatred
The Effects of Office Politics
Positive Effects:
It always occur wherever there are TWO or MORE people involved.
Ron Brown said it will be a problem if an office is WITHOUT office politics.
It keeps people in a sad and depress mood and reduce the productivity of the office. However, it makes people HARDWORKING and SMARTER.
Don't bother about what other people think of you. Just be yourself and clearly know what you are trying to archive in the job.
What is
to you ?
Competitive Working Environment
Extremely competitive working environment cause office politics.

To Climb Up a Corporate Ladder
In San Francisco, the earthquake is unstable and unpredictable. So do in the business world. (Gomez, n/a).

1. Personal Conflicts
Lack of trust
It is important between colleagues and subordinates.
- To improve and share each other’s ideas

Without trust, colleagues will doubt on each other’s working abilities.
- Arguments
- Misunderstanding

Negative Effects:
Influence negatively in employees’ work performance

Reduce productivity of organization
- Apple-polisher is the key person who creates the
negative effects of office politics
- Opposing forces in one workplace

Some office encourage jealousy
Person who initiates office politics usually is the head of office
When the use of power or office politics becomes destructive it is often because there is no common ground or shared goals,” Fear told Management Issues.

Employees feel stress in the work place as their ideas are not noticed

Increase the communication between workers
- When political behavior is used constructively, it can lead the
employee to better and more effective relationships
- Help manager to support the employees through acquiring the
resources they need and get the job done easily

Self-assessment of workers
- Workers will be able to reflect themselves
- Politics maintain a balance of power between the pioneer and the
young generation.
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