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Celebrity Obsession

No description

Zora Enaami

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Celebrity Obsession

Why is Our Society Obsessed with Celebrities? Celebrity Obsession You can’t turn on the television or visit any sort of website to find out what is going on anymore without being poured down with news about the latest gossip of the various celebrities; and this is has a damaging impact on our society. Fans Who Get Plastic Surgery to Look like Their Favourite Celebrity Cutting For Beiber Stalker Sarah It’s a way to escape everyday life.
Sometimes it can help us forget about stress.
Celebrity obsession can be healthy ONLY if you know how to have fun with it and it doesn't get too serious. Pros What is Celebrity Worship Syndrome? Researchers report that about one third of people suffer from Celebrity Worship Syndrome Celebrities can have a powerful impact on a person's life. From fashion trends to political views, the attractiveness of a celebrity's lifestyle can influence people's beliefs, interests and behaviours. This obsession often starts at an early age. Celebrity worship syndrome (CWS) is an obsessive-addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity's personal life. If you said yes to the following, you may have a low-level Celebrity Worship Syndrome. If you said yes to the following, you may have a moderate case of Celebrity Worship Syndrome. 1) My friends and I like to discuss what my favourite celebrity has done.

2) I enjoy watching my favourite celebrity.

3) Learning the life story of my favourite celebrity is a lot of fun.
4) I consider my favourite celebrity to be my soul mate.

5) I have a special bond with my celebrity.

6) I have frequent thoughts about my celebrity, even when I don't want to. If you agree with these you may be suffering from Celebrity Worship Syndrome.
7) If someone gave me several thousand pounds to do with as I please, I would consider spending it on a personal possession, like a napkin or paper plate, once used by my favourite celebrity.

8)If I were lucky enough to meet my favourite celebrity, and they asked me to do something illegal as a favour I would probably do it.

9) I would be very upset if my favourite celebrity got married.

Nicole Kidman's nose. Angelina Jolie's lips. Plastic surgeons say they get these very specific requests regularly. The quest to look like somebody else is never going to be healthy. A person who has mental health issues with his or her body image will never feel satisfied, even after plastic surgery. Cons It is completely normal to admire a celebrity, however there should be boundaries. On Monday, people posing as Justin Bieber fans originated a sick online campaign that led #CutForBieber and #CuttingForBieber to trend on Twitter, circulating shocking images of slashed wrists, blades and blood. The supposed “fans” posted the upsetting images along with messages pleading "Stop smoking marijuana" as he appeared to be doing in photos released this past weekend. Cutting is NOT something to joke about. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjF6CVFsWNk www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQp-huAyjwo It is said that Celebrity obsession starts becoming unhealthy when there is empathy with a celebrity’s divorce, death, or his/her failures and successes.
The entertainment industry often pressures celebrities to look thin. Since some people look up to celebrities as role models, this can have a severe impact on societal perceptions of body image.
Several studies have demonstrated a connection between celebrity worship and drug and alcohol use, smoking, and eating disorders.
The majority of the population knows more about celebrities’ personal lives than world events and the economy.
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