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Performance -andreas guibert

From 1982 to 2007 - 25 years

andreas guibert

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Performance -andreas guibert

1984. Passage Rites. Mannerism and
Simulacrum. Centro Cultural Vergueiro. S. P. Brasil. 80' la muerte del heroe - the death of a hero of games and rites Canada -Nova Scotia - Halifax Argentina - Buenos AIres Performance - andreas guibert
1982 -2007 Chile - Puerto Mont - Arica Shanghai -PRChina endurance performance - walking Chile 1987. La Imagen Sublime/ The Sublime Image.
ICI. Spain /Argentina 1986. Fire as Metaphor. Teatro del Parque. Argentina 1985. Rites and games. Cultural Center Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Argentina 1985. Anathema. Contemporary Art Museum. Sao Paulo, Brasil Oedipus Ivory Towers Suicide for artists Rehearsal . Ivory Towers. Video Performance. Computer Scholarship.97. CFAT. Halifax NS. Canada
. Performance Bytes. First Interactive performances
on www. Subject/Ophelia.
Center for Art Tapes. Halifax NS. Canada
1997. Actions. Halifax Festival of Time Based Art.
Suicide for Artists. EyelevelGallery. Halifax NS. Canada
1999. 99 C/F Contemporary Performance Art Festival. NSCAD, Halifax, NS
Performance piece: Rehearsal 90' 2002. Art of Torture and Execution- Art against Torture and Execution. National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia 2007. Interventions. Photo-installation. Shanghai Studio. Shanghai China
Walking the Red line. Photographs. Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Halifax NS Canada 2006. Shanghai’s Bride (Paintings and street performance). A room with a view. Shanghai China 2000 going down the drain - web performance 2003. going down the drain
Center for Arttapes. Nova Scotia. Halifax Canada Shanghai's bride Nanning -Guangxi confessions of an innocent bystander Tableaux Vivants and the subversive femenine Kaliningrad, Russia Shanghai's bride
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