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a prezentation of the literary elements of the novel

Dylan Avery

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Trainspotting

Trainspotting Setting Edinburgh, Scotland Characters Rent Boy (Renton) Sick Boy (Simone) Begbie Spud Plot Relapsing Kicking Kicking Again Blowing It Exile Home Exit Mark Renton is a young man living in Edinburgh who looks to heroin as a way of dealing with his views of society. His group of friends constantly keeps him in a state of confusion and make it harder for him to kick heroin. Sick Boy is one of Renton's group of friends. He is constantly looking for women. He also expects the worst in people and doesn't try much harder to be better than them Begbie is a very violent man who is an alcoholic and a abusive father and husband. He started one of the biggest bar brawls in the book Spud is one of Renton's more innocent friends. In one instance he compares the death of a squirrel caused by himself and sick boy to the death of a baby, because they are both so innocent in his eyes. This section of the book takes us through Renton's first attempt at kicking. Sick Boy brings out his views on women and his relationships with them. We find that Rents had a catatonic younger brother who died years ago, which may have lead to his addiction. A party takes place introducing us to most of the major characters. The death of a baby had between one of the girls in the group and Sick Boy. And finally Spud and Sick Boy's job interviews. In this section Begbie is introduced as one of Renton's friends, and his violent tendencies are brought out immediately when he begins to attack innocent people at a pub, after being hit in the head with a glass. In the next section we see Begbie deny his previous behavior making himself look like the victim. Renton gives Tommy, one of his friends, his first shot of heroin.
We also see one of Renton's younger brother's friends has been killed and robbed, which shows that there is a violent nature to the youth in Scotland around this time, and that it isn't just Renton and his crew Renton and Begbie have committed an unknown crime and decide to lie low in London. We see that Spud has kicked heroin as he goes to visit his family and his uncle Dode recounts the racism he had to live with when he was younger. Renton has managed to kick heroin again and goes out to a nightclub where he finds a girl and sleeps with her, to find out later that she is only 14. Finally Renton, Sick Boy, and Spud all take ecstacy and go out for a stroll, Sick Boy and Renton try to kill a squirrel with an air rifle, but stop when Spud becomes upset. As this seciton of the novel opens we see that Renton and Spud have been caught stealing books, as a result Renton is suspended for his repeated attempts at rehabilitation, while Spud is given a short prison sentence. We see Renton goes to several psychologists who give him conflicting reasons behind his drug addiction and cynicism. After which he relapses and is forced to go through heroin withdrawals at his parents home. Renton's remaining brother dies in Northern Ireland. We see that he may be going into another relapse when he states that there are no dilemmas with junk, and the only ones there are is when the junk runs out We see that Renton has found himself in London again, and has no place to sleep and is taken in by an elderly homosexual man who makes a pass at him. After his failed attempts he breaks down and explains to Renton his experiences with homophobia and persecution. One of Renton's friends has been diagnosed as HIV-positive. Renton also parties with his old friends again now that Spud is out of jail. Renton goes to his parents home for Christmas. He sees Begbie violently beat another man, who turns out to be his abusive father at the trainstation. He meets his old dealer Jonny Swann who has had his leg amputated and is now pretending to be a maimed war veteran begging on the street. And we see Renton's old friend Tommy is now dying of AIDS. In this section we see Rents, Sick Boy, Begbie, and Spud go to London for a major drug deal. At this point Renton decides that the only way he will be able to kick heroin for good is to get away from all of his old friends. He steals the money from the deal and moves to Amsterdam. Theme Drug abuse is very prevelent in this novel, as well as the events that lead a person into drugs. Also present is the thought of Scotlands lack of a national identity which is shown through Renton describing his country as "colonized by wankers" Text to Film The way that this book is written is very similar to the movie Pulp Fiction, in that it is more a collection of short stories that eventually come together, rather than a book with a set plot map. This book also dealt with heroin and various other drugs, and peoples struggles with them, which is similar to the plot of Requiem for a Dream Critique Trainspotting is a book that is written in a very interesting way. It was more a collection of short stories that connect loosely than a book with a straight plot line. Some sections were also written with a scottish accent, didn't became dinnae, I became ay, out became oot, things like that. So all in all I felt it was a challenging book to read. However once I got used to the language and the flow of the book it was one of the most well written, funny, and thought inspiring books I've ever read. "Life's boring and futile. We start oaf wi high hopes, then we bottle it. We realize that we're aw gaunnae die, withoot really findin oot the big answers. We develop aw they long-winded ideas which jist interpret the reality ay oor lives in different weys, withoot really extending oor body ay worthwhile knowledge, about the big things, the real things. Basically, we live a short, disappointing life; and then we die. "- Renton (Welsh) "Ah cannae feel any remorse, only anger and contempt. Ah seethed when ah saw that fuckin Union Jack oan his coffin, and that smarmy, wimpy cunt ay an officer, obviously oot ay his fuckin depth here, tryin to talk tae my Ma. Worse still, these Glasgow cunts, the auld boy's side, are here through en masse. They're fill ay shite aboot how Billy died in service ay his country n all that servile Hun crap. Billy wis a daft cunt, pure and simple. No a hero, no a martyr, just a daft cunt"- Renton (Welsh) "Sometimes ah think that people become junkies just because they subconsiously crave a wee bit ay silence"- Renton (Welsh) warning: some parts of this presentation contain vulgar language, quoted directly from the author Irvine Welsh and in no way reflect my ideals or principles Literary Elements Foreshadowing: Welsh uses foreshadowing most notably in the scene when Renton first gives his friend Tommy heroin, Renton explains to him the risks and even makes mention of AIDS and HIV, Tommy ignores these only to be diagnosed with HIV later in the book Symbolism: In Junk Dillemas no. 67 Welsh uses Renton to describe heroin as a sea that washes his fear and pain away, but also that the sea is infecting his body with poison with the line "more short term sea, more long term poison" The End
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