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The Leisure Environment

Week 3

Rhian Jones

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Leisure Environment

The Leisure Environment
Week 3
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Sports Councils
UK Sport Responsibilities
Home Country Sports Councils
Week 3 - The Role of National Agencies.Who supports the Public Private and Voluntary Sectors?
To be able to explain the role of the following National Agencies:
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
UK Sport
Sport England
Sports Coach UK
UK Sports Institute
English Institutes of SportsWho do these
National Agencies help?
The Public, Private or Voluntary Sector.
Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
Government Department responsible for Sport and Recreation.
Sits at the top of the tree with regards to Sport in Britain.
This department is responsible for several areas: Broadcasting, The Press, National Heritage, Sport and Tourism
This department is responsible for government policy related to sport.
Decides how much money is spent using tax payers money. In the year 2000/1 the budget for this department was £1billion approx 2005/6 £1.6 billion, 2010 £3 billion.
Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (2010).
In 1972 – The National Sports Councils were formed. These agencies were independent from the government. In 1996 – reorganisation of the sports councils. UK Sport was formed (replacing the UK Sports Council).
Became a Lottery distributor in 1999.
Responsible for allocating 9.2% of the Lottery Sports Fund through World Class.
Performance and World Class Events Programmes.
UK Sport takes the lead among the home-country Sports Councils.
“UK Sport will work in partnership to lead sport in the UK to world-class success” (UK Sports, 2012).
Each of the home countries have their own Sports Council. The Sports Council in England is called ‘Sport England’. Read through the handout be prepared to answer questions in the seminar.
Their Vision“Making England an active and successful sporting nation”. Their mission 'Working with others to create opportunities for people to get involved in sport, to stay in sports, and to excel and succeed in sport at every level'.
Sport England
Where does the money come from for Sport England?
The Government .
Local Councils.
Through the National Sports Centres
Where Does The Money Come From
What have you learnt about the UK and its’ National Agencies?

Write down 6 key points from today.
Department of Culture, Media, and Sport. www. Accessed 20/9/08English Institute Of Sport. (2012).
What is EIS? http://www.eis2win.co.uk/pages/who_01_whogetswhat.aspx. Accessed 16th Sept 2012Sports England. (2012).
Active Places. http://www.activeplaces.com/http://www.activeplaces.com/.
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About UK Sport. http://www.uksport.gov.uk/pages/about_uk_sport/ . Accessed 15th Sept 2012.
Core reading, Torkildsen, 2004 and Hylton 2013
What are NGB
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