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bambi book report

No description

camy totah

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of bambi book report

Recognition Plot Book Summary Classic Book project 2) Rising Action 4) Falling Action 5) Resolution BAMBI *I think Bambi is a classic book because it brings joy and happiness to the people who read it.
*Bambi is an exciting book that has a lot of action and a lot of caring and affectionate scenes. BAMBI Meet The Author Felix Salten PS, That's Felix Salten! Who is he? *Born in Budapest, Hungary on September 06, 1869 His EarlyLife By: Camy Totah *When three weeks old family moved to Vienna, Austria. *later his father lost all his money *Felix quit school and began working at an insurance agency
*began submitting poems and book reviews to journals. Teen Life *Received work as a full-time art and theater critic in the Vienna press.
*soon published, one book, plays, short stories, novels, travel books, and essay collections.
*Also wrote for all the best newspapers in Vienna. Writing Books *Later started to write many books
*Bambi's Children
*Fifteen Rabbits
*The Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher *Florian: The Lippizaner *Bambi First Day
*Renni the Rescuer Felix Salten sadly died october 8, 1945 My Book's a Classic! Such an amazing book! 1) 2) *I think the book Bambi deserves to be a classic because of the perfectly described scenes. *Bambi may look like a kids book from the cover, but when you really get into the book you here about the love and care the animals have for each other. Bambi *The setting of the book Bambi is in a forest.
*The animal children spend most of there time exploring the forest to see what is around them.
*The different animal family's also went to the meadow where they had to be careful of danger.
*All the young deers fathers keep watch of their family to make sure they are ok. Setting Setting #1 (The Forest) Setting#2 (The Meadow) Daddy where's Mom! 1) *Bambi was born along with other animals in the forest.

*All the animals came to see the young prince Bambi and they all thought it was amazing he could stand up right away.

*While in the meadow, the Young Prince met his Aunt Enna and her children
Faline and Gobo.

*Soon after, two very large deers came running towards the young fauns, looked around, and left.

*Their mothers told them that those were their fathers, but Bambi wondered why his father wasn't there when he was born.

*His mother knew that when Bambi got much older he would be with his father so he could teach him about hunting. 1) Exposition Bambi *Bambi's mother, Faline, and Gobo's mother left them for a while so they will learn to live and stay alone in the forest.

*Soon Bambi meets an old deer that teaches him to not be afraid and to be strong.

*Afterward, Gobo and Faline came running out of the forest explaining to the young prince Bambi that the male deer he talked in the forest was his father.

*Bambi's mother got very upset with Gobo and Faline for telling Bambi that the deer was his father.

*After finding out that the old deer was his father, he wanted to see him right away and ask him why he didn't get to see him when he was born.

*Bambi and Thumper promised each other they wouldn't fall in love with other females, but that didn't stop them.

*Later, Thumper met a rabbit that made his foot thump, and Bambi soon realized that life without Faline would be unimaginable. Mother Bambi and Faline 3) Climax *When Bambi finally realized his love for Faline it was too late because another male deer had already faught for her love.

*Luckily Bambi challenged Ronno to a fight to see which male deer would win her over, and of course Bambi won and Faline was very pleased.

*Sadly the humans were hunting and shot Bambi's mother, which left him sad and depressed.

*After all the devastation Bambi realized that his mother died knowing he was safe and loved.

*This made his realize that he still had Faline and his father.

*Bambi and Faline were then separated when the humans set the forest on fire and shot Bambi in the leg.

*His father ran towards him as fast as he could to get him to safety. Bambi Vs. Ronno *After all the animals got to safety they went back to the forest, seeing all the devastation.

*The animals created a "safety Plan" to protect themselves from the humans and other dangerous animals.

*All of the animals had to find new shelter, along with Thumper and his wife, and Bambi and Faline.

*All the young animals in the forest had children, inlcuding Bambi and Faline.

*This time, Bambi stayed with Faline when the children were born, instead of leaving them like his father. * Bambi taught his children how to hunt using another rabbit for practice.

*Bambi wanted to be there for his kids as much as he could, since his father wasn't there for him.

*He told his children that when they are hunting to stay low just in case something unsafe comes out from the thicket.

*Thumper's kids and Bambi's kids grew up being best friends just like Bambi and Thumper themselves.

*All the families in the forest lived happily and safely. Thumpers kids Bambi's kids Favorites *My favorite character from the novel is Bambi's father because he saved Bambi and when he was scared gave him advise. *My favorite part is when Bambi got shot in the leg, the forest was on fire and Bambi's father brought him to safety.

*This is my all time favorite part because it shows heroic and courageous actions.

*To me his father is a hero and is truely the great prince. Bambi's father Bambi being saved by father! Theme *The two themes of the book Bambi is to be courageous and to not be afraid, i chose these as my themes because these are important to the moral of the story.

*Bambi learned to be brave and live alone in the forest, he also leaned that you don't have to be a hero to be courageous. I learned to not be afraid of things that could eventually happen and enjoy the good things now. Bibliography 1) Bambi by: Felix Salten

2) Ask.com

3) Bookratings.com The End!
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