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Why A Virtual Assistant Makes Sense...

No description

Trudy Delfosse

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Why A Virtual Assistant Makes Sense...

What is a Virtual Assistant?
“A virtual assistant (VA) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients...

What Does a
Virtual Assistant Do?
Take over the “traditional” administrative tasks so that the client can concentrate on their business
Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?
Who is Delfosse Designs?
In-depth, client-focused Virtual Assistance firm
Trudy D. Delfosse
Over 15 years experience in:
Why A Virtual Assistant Makes Sense...
For You!
Overcome administrative challenges with viable strategies for the clients
Utilizes technology to advance client goals
100% female-minority owned
Expertise in a variety of areas i.e., office administration, event management, print and digital media creation
Passionate for keeping things simple, while offering a distinct and unique approach to keeping our clients on track
Work with our clients to bring their corporate message to their audience with clarity, simplicity, and sincerity
Client Relations
Project Management
Information Technology
Innovator in streamlining business processes
Supported corporate recruiting initiatives, both on and off campus
Clients include: ABN AMRO, Aviva USA, The Cambridge Group, Insight to Action
Our Services
...and more
What Are the Benefits of Hiring
Delfosse Designs?
More time to focus on your business
No stress trying to take care of daily administrative tasks
No need to expand your office's physical space or buy extra equipment or software
None of the usual administrative "costs"
Payroll Taxes
Health Insurance
Services Costs
Monthly Retainer

Per Hour

Per Project
Contact Us!
Trudy Delfosse or Delfosse Designs
- Wikipedia.org
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