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The Five People You Meet In Heaven

No description

Anissa & Kinzie

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of The Five People You Meet In Heaven

The Five People You Meet In Heaven
Eddie's Five
Ed-die Main-ten-ance
Eddie is the maintenance man at Ruby Pier for many, many years. He dies trying to save a little girl from a falling ride and goes to heaven to meet his five people.
The Blue Man
Joseph Corvelzchik, an immigrant to America as a child, had to quit school at ten to work in a sweat shop with his father. He was very anxious and nervous as a child, and the sounds in the sweat shop amplified this.
The Captain
The foreman made Joseph very nervous, and he once spilled buttons in front of his boss, who proceeded to scream and demand Joseph leave. His father begged and pleaded for Joseph to keep his job, while Joseph accidentally wet himself. This began Joseph's "accident prone" life and the shame that his father felt towards him.
He grew up to be an anxious man, causing him to search for a solution to his issues. A chemist gave him drops of silver nitrate to take with water, which was later discovered to be poisonous to humans. Joseph felt that he was not getting the results he wanted, so he began to take more and more and without dilution.
The silver nitrate turned Joseph's skin blue, causing him to lose his job and eventually joining a traveling freak show. Subsequently, Joseph became known simply as "The Blue Man" and happily found work at Ruby Pier.
One day The Blue Man borrowed his friend's car so he could learn how to drive despite his nervousness. Eddie is a child and his ball rolls into the road. He chases it and The Blue Man is forced to swerve, luckily missing little Eddie. The Blue Man's heart began beating fast and he felt dizzy, his concentration dropping for a bit, and he nearly crashes into another car and rolls his own. He is hurt and eventually bleeds out in the alley.
Because The Blue Man dies, Eddie lives past his childhood.
This is The Blue Man in the movie.

Rank of Importance in Eddie's Life:
On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important, The Blue Man is probably about a 1. He does not really impact Eddie, other than by not killing him, but does explain to him the happenings of heaven.
The Blue Man tells Eddie that there are no random acts, all incidents and people are connected.
The Captain grew up in a three generation military home. Upon joining the service, he went from taking orders to making them. His men looked up to him and trusted him extensively. He knew that he couldn't always keep his men alive, but he always told them that "No one gets left behind." His goal was to keep them all together.
Eddie and The Captain were taken as prisoners of war and were forced to mine coal for the enemy. All the men grew very thin in the horrid conditions, and one of the friends died.
The place these men were kept was about to be bombed one day, so they formulated an escape plan, thwarting the guards and escaping. They decide to burn everything to the ground, but in one of the flaming buildings, Eddie thinks he sees movement. It is time to leave, and Eddie knocks over one of the friends to keep searching in the hut. The Captain is forced to shoot Eddie in the knee, although Eddie does not know who does it.
As the men are escaping with an unconscious Eddie, The Captain gets out to open a gate and check the road for danger. The Captain just gets to the end of the road when he steps on a landmine, killing him.
Because The Captain shoots Eddie in the leg and steps on the landmine, Eddie and the rest of the crew lives, but Eddie's leg is permanently damaged, changing his life forever.
The Captain, as represented by the movie.
In Eddie's Life, The Captain is ranked about a 4. This is due to the fact that The Captain's actions direct the rest of Eddie's life and future career.
The Captain shows Eddie that sacrifice is a part of life and is one of the most noble things a person can do.
Ruby was a waitress at a diner by the ocean. Lots of men wanted to marry her, but she turned them all away. One day a man named Emile came into the diner and asked to court her. He payed for lots of things for her and took her to many different places. When they got married, Emile promised to build her a seaside resort pier. The resort was built and had an extravagant grand entrance and was named after Ruby, it was the park that Eddie would work at many years later.
One fourth of July, Emile bought lots of fireworks and brought in many new workers for the weekend to put on a large show. These workers were drinking the night before and set off some of the fireworks. The sparks flew and caught the pier on fire. Emile was trying to throw water onto the entrance when a column fell on him. Emile lost all his money and had a "broken spirit and body."
Ruby and Emile sold the park, moved away, and had three children, although Emile was frequently sick and in and out of hospitals. He shared a room with Eddie's father at the end of Eddie's father's life. Ruby tells Eddie that both the things and people that happen before your time can and will affect you.
Ruby reveals how Eddie's father died: His friend Mickey was drunk and went to Eddie's house looking for his father. Eddie's mom was going to take Mickey to her husband and was changing her clothing when Mickey burst into the room. Eddie's dad got home right at that time and chased Mickey to the pier. Mickey fell into the water and Eddie's dad jumped in and saved him despite of what had just happened because they were friends and Mickey was drunk. Eddie's father develops pneumonia and is in the hospital. He is found dead one morning halfway out the window, trying to make it home to his wife.
Eddie felt a lot of hate both from and for his dad, and they did not speak to each other for a very long time. Eddie's father was very hard on him and Eddie was forced to work at the pier to help support his mother both during and after his dad died. They never really solved the issues they had.
Because of Ruby, there was a Ruby Pier where Eddie and his father worked and lived.
Ruby, as shown in the movie.
I rank Ruby as a 2 in Eddie's life. If it wasn't for her, Ruby Pier, where Eddie spent a good majority of his life, would not exist.
Ruby teaches Eddie about forgiveness and the negative impact of hate. Because of this, Eddie finds it in his heart to forgive his father and his wrongdoings.
Marguerite and Eddie had known each other since they were teens. Eddie always said he would marry her, and she waited for him when he went to war. She loved children, but couldn't have any of her own. They were part of the way through the adoption process when Eddie went to bet on horses on his birthday. He called Marguerite and told her how he was doing. She got upset and was driving to the track when she got into an accident. She was confined to bed for six months and they consequently did not get to adopt a child.
Eddie and Marguerite's relationship is strained and quiet for a long while after, and Eddie throws himself into his work. Eventually things get better and they fall in love all over again, but Marguerite says they are too old for a child at that point. Later on, they discover that she has a brain tumor. When she finds out she will soon die, Eddie takes her back home from the hospital and they have a party. She dies two days later, and so does a part of Eddie.
Eddie and Marguerite shared their lives together. It is because of her that he wasn't completely dead inside after the war. He feels lost without her.
Marguerite in the movie.
Eddie views Marguerite as the most important person in his life. I also give her a 5 because without her, I don't think Eddie would have seen any purpose to life after the war.
Marguerite teaches Eddie that there are many different types of love, and while life may end, love does not. It just changes forms.
Tala died because Eddie burned her when he set fire to the place where he was held prisoner. When he thought he saw something in the flames and ended up getting shot in the leg because of it, it was her.
Because he tried to save Tala, he was shot in the leg and forever forced to work at Ruby Pier, where he made it right with Tala by unintentionally keeping millions of living and unborn children safe and alive. Tala reveals that Eddie did save the little girl from the falling ride.
Tala as she is portrayed in the movie.
Tala is ranked as a 3 in Eddie's life because unbeknownst to him, she helps keep him working at Ruby Pier, his destiny.
Tala shows Eddie that every life has a purpose, even his. No matter what you end up doing with your, there is a reason for it.
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