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Lord of the Flies

No description

Jane Simons

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Revision
Things to include
Golding's understanding
of humanity
Language techniques used by Golding
Quotations to support all of your ideas
The response of the reader
References to several different
sections of the novel
Clear focus on the questions
How do I talk about language
Think about the techniques
that are used
Think about the choice of words
that Golding uses
Think about the connotations
of words
Think about the patterns
in the words
Think about the connection to
other uses of similar language in the text
"We was on the outside. We never done nothing, we never seen nothing."
Displays the panic in his voice
Multiple personal pronouns
suggest a sense of community
or responsibility
Incorrect syntax
reminds us of Piggy's
lack of education and status
Suggests being apart from
something - by choice or isolation
How do I use this in a paragraph?
Piggy is an outsider 'not only by accent' in the novel and Golding present him in this way to show that many types of people are susceptible to 'the darkness in man's heart.'
vidence and
When the boys kill Simon at the feast, Golding draws the reader's attention to the fact that Piggy, like Ralph, is involved in the murder. However, afterwards when Ralph's natural courage wants to confront their crimes by admitting that 'that was Simon. That was murder' Piggy is outraged. He instead, unlike the other boys, wants to hide from reality by stating 'we was on the outside.' The use of the the multiple personal pronoun suggests that Piggy wants to be part of the community of boys but this is changed by his use of 'outside' straight afterwards to suggest an actual detachment from the group. The repetition of 'never' and 'nothing' in the following sentence display his panic at this position and the unlikelihood that there can be a change.
Therefore Golding's choice of language and his depiction of Piggy's response to the death of Simon show the reader that whilst he is different to the others he is still vulnerable to the savagery in mankind.
Character Questions
I include?
Role in the novel
Why are they there?
How do they aid Golding's
overall message within the novel?
Primary characteristics
Often leading to a
discussion of the reader's response
to them
How they change over the
course of the novel (*if they do)
Key moments - when
and how do they influence
the primary plot
Key Relationships
(*Prioritise even within this though)
Symbols associated with them
and what that suggests about
their function
How they use language
and what this says about them
They are not real
They are ways in which
Golding can provoke emotions
from you and show you
things that he thinks are

You can not write everything!
You have to prioritise!
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