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Vine Information Logistics

Digital Presentation for Vine Information Logistics

amber chapman

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Vine Information Logistics

need to be made,
Have you even
your first coffee yet?
What if.....
You could have all the key pieces of information regarding your business in real time and at the click of a button?
Managed services
– proactive network management with a fixed monthly expenditure.
Complete solution
– We provide an IT administrative team for a comprehensive network management solution.
Cloud Intelligence
– Network, data storage and backup.
Tailored Dashboard System
– defined by your key objectives and tailored to suit your business needs.
Work on the Go
– access your dashboard from desktops, notebooks, tablets or smart phones.

Start up costs are met, these include but are not limited to:
Rental costs.
Telecommunications provider.
Statutory requirements.
Business registration.
Hardware/stock purchases.

Staff have been hired.
Hardware and software are current and capable.
All resources are available.
Customer interest is high.
Our project aims to meet the growing need for teleworking clients that require access to pertinent information anytime, anywhere.
Vine Information Logistics
Running your own business
isn't easy
You can.
Right Information.
Right Time.
Right for You.
Specialise in helping local businesses digitize the way they collect and view their data stream.

This is McLaren Vale, SA
We're located on Main Street,
next to the Tin Shed Cafe
Business Information Systems are:
supported by
A Business Information System that allows you to:

A world class cloud hosting service - virtual compute machines, designed to deliver enhanced performance with the flexibility to scale to your needs.

Rackspace meets and exceeds the security requirements for the Fortune 1000. This means your information is safe, no matter where it is.
As we are a digital business, we need an information system that supports a digital way of life.

With this in mind, we have utilised two complementary programs to build the base of our primary information system.
Turns out,
Become the leading information logistics company in the McLaren Vale region.

Provide a service that will enable a client to increase their business efficiency, productivity, flexibility and knowledge at the touch of a button, on any device, any where.

Which in the growing virtual business market, is a must if a business wishes to stay competitive.

Ultimately the aim is to build comprehensive and tailored dashboards that are flexible, relative and fluid.
So, how will we do it?
So, what are we?
We are a
'clicks and mortar' company.
We offer cloud business intelligence, online file collaboration and dashboard building.
We input, collate, upload and maintain business data.
We take the guess work out of finding the information that is most important and pertinent to you.
We aim to ...
Delivering the right information, at the right time, to the right people.
Upload raw data from almost any program or source.
Set formulas, thresholds, indicators and reactions in order to bring your objectives into focus.
Transform it into an easily interpreted visual.
Combine data from multiple sources into one visual, making comparisons a breeze.
Update information in real time, every hour, day, week etc.
Access across multiple devices - which gives you unlimited potential.
Our Scope
Product Scope
Our products, services and the results they will produce, for all intents and purposes, are virtual in delivery.
We are a company that sprouts from a background in Logistics and Supply.
An avid interest in the local community.
An interest in Cloud Intelligence.
A love of technology, knowledge
and organisation.
And a belief in bettering the capabilities of local businesses.
Want to get involved?
Fluctuations in demand for product and services.
Customers response to new technology and products.
Risks relating to pending or future regulatory matters.
Reliance on third party programs and components.
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