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The Differences and Similarities Between America and Japan

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jamique nagel

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of The Differences and Similarities Between America and Japan

Education in America
Driving in America
The Differences and Similarities Between America and Japan
Weddings in america
There are many traditions and customs for weddings. Most weddings in America are based on religion, culture and social norms. The brides in america wear white bridal dresses with a veil. Wedding cakes in america are seen as a symbol of fertility. After the wedding, Newlyweds usually leave for honeymoons. A trip to the destination of their choices.
Weddings in Japan
There are 2 categories in Japan for marriage and that's Traditional Shinto Ceremonies and Modern Style Weddings. The Japanese Bride-To-Be may be painted pure white from head to toe. Wedding cakes are Red and White. Most newlyweds in Japan go to The Peninsula Hotel after they are married.
Both countries choose to get married at a church. They both also have christian weddings. They Both can be formal, structured, and extravagant.

Schools in America Have 180 days of school total. Americans have more breaks during a school year, Spring Break, Summer Break, Fall Break, and Winter Break. Teachers in America get the same amount of breaks as students do. Americans have a choice to be home schooled or go to an actual school. Students in the US have to switch their classes every period.
Education in Japan
Schools in Japan have a total of 240 days of school total, thats 60 more days than schools in america. The students in Japan are only allowed 1 holiday season and thats during spring when they are changing grades. The teachers are only able to get 2 weeks of vacation throughout the whole year.
Both countries have exellent schools avaliable and they are both required to take 2nd language classes at school. Both have the same importance of education ideas.
foods in america
America like to pile food on big plates. Corn, potatoes and bread are the most common staples. In America meat is the most popular foods due to large land mass. Salt, pepper are the most commons used for flavors. In America baking is very useful.
foods in Japan
Foods in Japan are served in small separate plates. Rice and noodles are the most common staples in Japan. Fish is the most popular meat in Japan due to the Coast Line. Instead of using salt and pepper like America Japan uses soy sauce and Dashi. Japanese cultures barley use a oven to do any cooking.
Both countries have fast foods and they both eat fruits and vegetables
Drivers in America sit on the right side of the car. Americans are taught to stop at any intersection. You are allowed to park along the side of the road if there are no signs saying otherwise. In America mostly everyone owns a car and a drivers licenses. At a gas station you are able to choose which ever stall you want if its available
Drivers in Japan sit on the left side of the car. In Japan solid white lines painted across the roads doesn't mean they have to stop. Parking along the side of the roads is illegal. Many residents in Japan do not own a car or a license. At a gas station an attendant will direct you to which stall you can use.
driving in Japan
Both countries traffic signs are in English. Drinking and driving is prohibited in both states.
Money in america
pennies, nickles, dimes, quaters, dollars, half dollars, golden dollars, 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 100's.
both are in total dept of relative to GDP was 270%
Money In Japan
1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen, 100 yen, 500 yen, 1000 yen notes, 5000 yen notes, 10000 yen notes,
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