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No description

Claire Schroeder

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of MARIJUANA

Among the most commonly
abused substance by teens

Can Impact: Learning;
short-term memory; motivation;
and can affect academic achievement.

20% of HS students in the
Rivers region report having
used marijuana in the last 30 days

40% of HS student believe
there is no harm in smoking
marijuana regularly

Between 8th and 9th grade
students perception of the risks
associated with marijuana decreases
by 20 points (from 83% to 64%)

In 8th grade 3.2% of youth
reported use and this increased
by 400% in 9th grade (to 16%). 1 out of 6 people who start using marijuana as a teen become addicted. The teenage brain is still developing, under construction Young people who use marijuana weekly double the risk of depression later in life. What We Know about Marijuana has changed: Chronic use as a teenager = Significant drop in IQ between childhood and midlife. What makes a young person susceptible to addiction or mental health challenges with marijuana isn't observable to a teenager or a parent. What do we know about parental attitudes? 25% of parent's feel helpless when it comes to preventing their teen from smoking marijuana

Only 44% of parents feel they have enough information and tools to prevent their teen from smoking marijuana How has the landscape around marijuana changed? Potency of Marijuana has been increasing for the past 30+ years [1974-1% THC, 1994-4% THC, 2006-7% THC] Teens aged 12-17 who smoke marijuana weekly are three times more likely than non-users to have suicidal thoughts. Marijuana use in some teens has been linked to increased risk for schizophrenia in later years. How has Medical Marijuana changed the landscape? Medical Marijuana We have a role individually and We have a responsibility collectively Have Conversations with youth with parents as a community Parents Youth What we do with what we know, can also change the playing field... What we know about
Marijuana: We now know... We now know... We now know... Source: The Monitoring the Future Study, the University of Michigan CULTURAL NORMS:
Common perception among young people, that marijuana is a "safe" drug because it is viewed as medicine and/or can be prescribed by a doctor. This is similar to the perception around prescription drugs. ACCESS:
54% of HS students think it is easy to get marijuana. ENFORCEMENT:
It is a challenge to enforce marijuana in Maine due to the medical marijuana law and medical marijuana cards. There is a LOT of Misinformation! Pick one piece that resonates. PERCEPTION OF RISK: The Monitoring the Future Study, The University of Michigan However...
You do not have to be an EXPERT.
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