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INFP - Personality project

No description

Maria Claudia Nunes

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of INFP - Personality project

There is more than meets the eyes Personality Type - INFP Fictional and Real Famous INFPs Most of all INFP prefer to compare theory with personal experience. They are uncomfortable in staying in discussion groups and sometimes hesitate to answer questions, until they are comfortable with the group they are in. Social Preferences Intense romantic ideals, they are capable of being
very caring and loyal to those who are close to
them. They reserve their deepest love to a select
few. They wish for life-long relationships. Ideal Jobs for INFPs. INFP - Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving One can describe a INFP person whose inner world springs to life. Mundane becomes magical, and the world is an idealized rose-coloured world. Understanding the world INFP seeks
the know
and understand
the world
as a whole. They do not to
like to use hard
facts and logic. In fact they don't use that when
they are in conflicts. Living in own world INFPs since children demonstrate
strong imaginations. They are extremely creative and idealistic. Learning Styles Keen observers, INFPs are quick to make connections and associations. Once they see patterns they are able to remember details and use in practice the theory. Often times they use their hunches and sometimes misses important parts of questions in their tests. Once INFP get a concept it becomes very tedious for them.
Their greatest problem is procrastination, they want to learn new concepts about everything and love starting new projects. Sometimes, actually, more of the times they do not follow through with their projects. Often times they use informal problem solving and when surprises appear they are pretty flexible when it come to solving the said surprises. Time to recharge and rest When it comes to romantic relationships, they
feel the need to be in one committed relationship
so they tend to actively seek one or fantasize about
one. People may say that INFP are some of the most valuable friendships they ever had. Very caring and perceptive about people's feelings and motives, they tend get along with almost everyone. But they keep their true selves to their closest friends. They tend to avoid conflict to the maxium because of their need to feel harmony and peace. Counseling Religious Education Education Graphic Design Musician Archeology Anthropology William Shakespeare Mary, Mother of Jesus George Orwell J.K Rowling Neil Gaiman Vincent Van Gogh Johnny Depp Florence Welch Tim Burton C.S Lewis Fictional Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) Anne (Anne of Green Gables) E.T (The Extraterrestrial) Rukia (Bleach) Alphonse (FullMetal Alchemist) Tommy (Rug Rats) Lucy (Fairy Tail Fun (And depressing) Tidbits Can Be...
Attracted to sad things
Attracted to counter culture
Most likely to support marijuana legalization Prone to regret and crying The depressing tidbits Most likely to have suicidal thoughts during school On average most dissatisfied with work Very likely to report martial dissatisfaction Princess Diana Antione Saint-Exupéry
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