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The City Of Ember-book report

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a r

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of The City Of Ember-book report

The City Of Ember
jeanne DuPrau Main Characters-lina is round/static the book tells about her feelings-Doon is round/dynamicthe book tells about what he is feeling and how he changes his perspective on things-Gramma is flat/static gramma never really shows or tells a lot about her emotions or what she is feeling -Poppy is flat/static Poppy is a baby about one years old so she does not have any real deep emotion-The Mayor is round/dynamic the mayor is the head of all of the city of ember so he realizes that he is running the city wrong and changes his thinking about how to run the city plot
exposition-Lina lives with her gramma and her little sister Poppy, her mom and dad died when she was young.Rising Action-the lights in the city are beginning to give out and flicker on and off.Climax-Lina discovers the box full of bits and pieces of directions to get out of the city for when the lights go out.Falling Action-Lina and Doon pair up and try to find the way out of the city.Resolution-Lina and Doon get out of the city up top to the surface or "the city of light" and send down a bottle to all the other people in ember to get out of the city. Conflict
internal-when Lina thinks that there is no way to get out of the city and she will die in the darkness.External-the boundary of the city is pitch black and how will she know how to see and not trip or fall [get hurt]. setting-an underground city with three huge generators to power all the lights and electricity. The city looks like a normal city just dark and no sky the only light they have on the streets are street lamps. Mood-1.exciting-because when she finds the directions in the box2.sad-when you find out that her parents died3.happy-when they both make it to the surface point of view-third person-evidence-"Lina wait!" Lina acted like she didn't hear her theme-if an obstacle stands in your way from doing something you need you can always find a way to make it.-Lina and Doon were always told it was to dangerous and you were never aloud of the city boundaries. But they knew that the lights one day were going to go out and everyone will die so they found a way to make it out. MY PREZI IS.....OVER.
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! the city of ember the city of ember the city of ember Alyson Ryan
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