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HESI Presentation

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Emily Costa

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of HESI Presentation

Discovering your leadership style
Learn about different styles of leadership styles and the importance of each
Understand the importance of self reflection in developing as a leader
Reflection on your personal leadership identity (strengths and weaknesses)
Eliana Kahan
Lauryn Froneberger
Emily Costa
Natalie Eyob
Here are the animals!
-Counterpart of the Buffalo
-The bears are always thinking of innovative ways to lead.
- They are thinkers rather than the doers
A leader at the front of the group - North
The most visible leaders that you see and hear
In a situation of chaos with no leader, they will step up and lead the group.
Ex. At the Challenge Course, the buffalo in the group would say “let’s try this. let’s just do this” rather than carefully planning.
-The Idealists in the group
-They see the big picture not the small details
-They are the people who focus on one idea and are committed to the execution of that one idea
- Counterpart of the eagle
- Lead from the sidelines
- They keep things together from the outside
but they seldom ever get credit because they are not like the buffalo
-Watch out for the best interest of the group (EXAMPLE: GROUP PROJECT

-IF EVERYONE TRIES TO BE A BUFFALO NOTHING WILL WORK. This is the same for all the other groups.

-The reason that you are standing on a compass is because you are looking across at your leadership counterpart, this is the person that you need to compliment your strengths and weaknesses.

-Eagles are great for the picture but they tend to lose sight of the execution of the vision and how others in the group feel.

-Deer get very focused on the means but seldom understand the ends.
The Buffalo are doers
The Bears are the thinkers
-It has NOTHING to do with people. IT is okay to be a buffalo, a deer, an eagle or a bear.

What did we learn?
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