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DIY Websites for Artists

Presented by Art Lab Fort Collins: Amelia Caruso and Dawn Putney

Dawn Putney

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of DIY Websites for Artists

10 Steps to the Perfect Artist Website
Secure Your Domain Name
Begin with a search for the name you want
Register it: GoDaddy.com, Register.com, Wix.com, etc.
Choose a Platform and Host
Considerations: Ease of use; cost, storage space, maintenance, eCommerce, support
Website Creation Process
1. Plan your site
2. Content ideas & gathering
3. Design
4. Build and customize
5. Create store
6. Test it
7. Promote your site!
8. Maintain and update
Map it out: Sketch a wireframe
Navigation = pages to be included
Home page inclusions
Featured artwork
Shopping cart and store?
To blog or not to blog?
Creating the Content
Gather it up!
Artists bio
Upcoming events and exhibitions
Contact info
Social media
Search for design ideas: Google it! Canva, Wordpress, Wix, and more
Consider color themes
Images: prep your artwork for presentation on your site
Be consistent! Once you've settled on a design stick with it!
It's all about Branding
Build Your Art Site
Choose a theme that works with your one-of-a-kind artwork
Customize the template to reflect your brand and your art
Choose images that best represent your artwork
Content is king! Make sure your headlines and descriptions tell a story
Create Your Store
Set up a way to collect the dough!
eCommerce services: Wix.com, Shopify.com, WooCommerce, etc.
SquareUp.com is quick and easy
Online Store Setup
Products and prices
Tax rates
Images and descriptions
Discounts and sale items
Shipping and fulfillment
Pickups and returns
Test it!
View it on a variety of browsers
Test your cart: Verify the item is added
Have a customer (and friend) test it
Registration run through
Make sure it’s secure: SSL certificates
Discounts and coupons
Promote Yourself and Beautiful New Art Website!
Email your customer and subscription lists
Social media links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts
Search Engine Optimization: Keywords and phrases are like magic!
Grab your audience
Links to articles and reviews
eNewsletter sign ups
Classes and workshops
Blog — get to writing (and sharing)!
Link out to other artists
Link to galleries
Maintain and Update Your Site and Online Store
Keep it fresh!
Add new art to your store
Add new stories and content regularly
Set a weekly reminder to check your site
Review it on your phone, laptop, tablet — every device you can
Google yourself
Bask in the Wonder
That is You
DIY Websites For Artists
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