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The Prohibition

By: Jack Randall per 2

Chris Santos

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of The Prohibition

The Prohibition
Economic Effects
Washington's fledgling wine industry almost disintegrated overnight
Social Effects
Because of the "Bone Dry" laws to prohibit alcohol, many people were not the happiest when they couldn't go out with their friends to a pub or bar
(Above) policemen are seizing control of bootlegged alcohol
Most alcohol going into Washington State came in from Canada
Many of the criminals who bootlegged alcohol mainly did it for the money since everybody was desperate to get alcohol
Volstead Act (1919) was passed
Washington State residents had long supported the idea of the prohibition
Reason for bootlegging
Made $200,000 a month running 200 cases of canadian liquor into the Seattle area
Liquor Raids
Many people saw the need for alcohol, so they illegally bootlegged it into the states
Liquor Control Board
In 1919 Liquor Control Board was authorized by US government
Roy Olmstead
Former Seattle police lieutenant
Started in 1919
A special part of the Liquor Control Board (LCB) was assigned to raid the bootleggers
The Steele Liquor Act was passed (1919)
limited sales of wine and hard liquor to state-run stores
Most notorious Washington State bootlegger
Olmstead was doing bootlegging as a
side job,and was soon caught and stripped
of his law enforcement badge
Within a short amount of time, Olmstead's business became one of Puget Sound's largest employers
1 dollar then = 12.42 dollars today
Prohibition ends in 1933
As of 2010, the 18th amendment remains the only amendment ratified by the voters
18th amendment was enacted
The prohibition affected both the Economy and the Culture of Washington State as well as the rest of the country
(above: noliquor.us )
(Above: en.wikipedia.com )
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