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Project In Philosophy

Jhom Puentenegra

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of Philosophy

Intro to Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
True Philosohpers
Branches of Philosophy: Logic
"Learn how to think, reason out and argue correctly"
Acient Philosophy
Self Proclaimed
Also called "Sophist"
- The teachers of Persuasive Speech
"Master of Fallacies"
Philosophy of Religion
"It is the branch that concern w/ questions including the existense of God."
What is the nature of God?
The 3 Heavens
The Vacuum of Outer Space
Why God isn't here?
Because Humans do sins.
Which is not God's nature.
But he left us something that we can connect with him.
He was born on the Aegean island of Samos in the 6th century B.C.
St. Augustine of Hippo
North African rhetorician.
Socrates was a Greek philosopher and the main source of Western thought.
It is a group of owl
Why Owl?
It signifies the "Virgin Goddess of Wisdom: ATHENA"
The Keepers of Knowledge
Being able to see beyond and in the Darkness
Our Own Trivia
Ever wonder why they say
"Whoo Whoo" ?
"Because they're asking."
They never settle for what they know, they will always ask to keep gaining knowledge.
Philo - Love
Sophy - Wisdom
Love of Wisdom
Three kinds of love:
Philo - Love w/ condition
Agape - UnConditional
Eros - Lust
"Wisdom is applying your Knowledge"
Wrong = Ignorance
Right = Virtue
Carl Rensel Quilao

Life - We draw on our own canvas
Failure - Every failure gives wisdom
Success - To gain success we must know:
Do we have the talent to do it
Can we do it
Are we doing it
Love - Love defies Everything
God - Religion is not required to serve God, it's the belief
Princess Magsino
Life - An ignorant man is not worthy to have a life
Failure - Failure is not the end it's only he beginning
Success - Journeying life with an optimist look will lead you to success
Love - Love is giving importance without any conditions
God - He turns nothing into something
Branches of Philosophy:
"The study of moral value"
True Philosophers
They are the real Philosophers.
They seek true knowledge
Philosophy of Love
Branches of Philosophy:
"The branch that depends God's goodness and justice in the face of the exixtense of evil"
The seekers of what is the real and true knowlegde
He was born in Athens, 470 BC ago.
Little is known to his life, Only in writing of his student: Plato.
In those writing recognized "Socratic Method"
Socrates ways of teaching
Basically, Asking General Knowledge
"Knowing oneself is the ultimate wisdom"
He doesn't believe in the concept of Democracy
He stated that Philosophy started from a process humans do called:
He never lecture of what he know, but he asked athens questions (Socratic Method) which made them think that socrates might be carzy but some of them admired him.
He claimed to be ignorant and doesn't have a clue/ideas. But being wise for recognizing so.
He was the son of a sculptur and a midwife from athens
He was married to a yourger woman named Xanthippe and had three sons.
In his execution, he was voted from it.
He was force to drink a poison (Hemlock)
And he drank it with no hesitation.
In his final breath he explained that
"Death is a release of soul from it's vessel"
"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing" I'm intelligent cause I know, I know nothing"
Other Western Thought Philosopher
He was a student of socrates.
One his greatest doings is establishing an "Academy" a school where he teach using the method of "Dialoque"
He raises one's critical thinking.
Pythagoras of Samos
Presocratic Philosopher and Mathematician
Pythagoras was famous for his "Theorem" in geometry
"Pythagorean Theorem"
He founded a philosophical school where men and women participate equally.
According to: J.V. Luce
Pythegoras was the most familiar pre-socratic philosopher but we know little about him because none of his original writings have survived.
Middle Ages
Other Ancient Philosophers
He is an itinerant adviser
social philosopher, and a
"Ultimate Sage to the Han dynasty"
He was the last biblical king of the United Monarchy
Like the other socratic philosopher he always want to do what's right
He was influence by the moral philosophy of Cicero.
Like Plato, he believe that evil is not real it is simply the merely absense of good.
354–430 C.E.
He is one of the towering figures of medieval philosophy who influenced the modern period.
Ex. Descartes
He influence in the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy.
Philosophy of Love
Explains the nature of love
What is the nature of
Some say it's that language of the heart.
It's Caring.
It's forgiving.
It's Sacrificing.
It's Letting go.
And many more
Common Understanding of Love
Love w/ Romance
The expressive form of love
The intense
Love as Possession
Love as Admiration
First step towards love
Love as Sex
Do we really need to explain this one?
And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three;
but the greatest of these is charity.
~King James
It is the philosophical study of the nature of religion and it's concept and beliefs.
Answer the questions:
Is there a God?
If yes, What is he like?
Why he Created us?
Where is he?
If not here in our world,
Why not here?
Etc. Etc
(First Heaven)
The Earth's Atmosphere
(Second Heaven)
(Third Heaven)
God's Throne
God is Omnipotent
Gos is Omniscient
God is Omnipresent
God is Changeless
Amynllie Ann Perez
Life - Life is much feel better if you can do good to others
Failure - Failure is the tough way in life
Success- In every success, God is alway there
Love - Is something that can bring unity to people and nation
God - Aside from believing praying is also doing
Kristoffer Ian Alvarez
Life - Is a Journey. Each step of e way takes you to places, people, situation, experiences that brings challenges in you life. In each change that comes our way dip into your baggage to help you face the challenges you encounter
Failure - Every failure is a resurgnce. Here, ability will be tested and hindrances will be outstrip until success is achieve
Success - Success is relative. It comes when one is happy doing something and does it out of love and service. Being successful in life is not just having attiained fame and accumulating material wealth
love - Love is powerful. You can love endlessly but you can be hurt deeply
God - Gos is indeed so good to humankind. He blesses everyone so much. The moment you wake up in .the morning until you close your eyes at night after a days of work is just full of gifts ffrom him
Jhomelyn Puentenegra
Life - Life is turning your Knowledge into Wisdom
Failure - In every failure is a way to have a second chance, be the best and be a success
Success - Is the result of a
"Dream come True"
Love - Love is something humans do/have closest to magic
God - Is always there no matter how, where, when, or hard the situation is, he is there.
You just got to believe and have faith
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