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AQA Product Design Introduction

Lesson 1 Introduction to the course

Stuart Green

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of AQA Product Design Introduction

Product Design
What is Graphic Design?
What will I Study?
will i be assessed?
Who are Graphic Designers?
What will my work look like?
What will i need to bring / Do?
Math is easy; design is hard.
— Jeffrey Veen

Good design is good business.
— Thomas J. Watson Jr.

Task Lamp :- £435.00
This lamp has a very stylish type of ergonomics. The lamp shade and matching colours all produce a very modern feel. Furthermore the round bad and lamp shade are almost identical, this creates a organised feel and modern touch. Not to mention the stainless steel coating.
This lamp has a very modern feel to it, the stainless steel mixes in with the surrounding backgrounds. Furthermore the reflected light and wireless lamp makes it truly outstanding. On the other hand this lamp is quite big and may be difficult to place.
This lamp has a round base which helps to support the weight of the bulb. The flexible metal also acts very efficiently as it can reach various places. After some research I found that this lamp is wireless and runs and batteries and solar panel energy, this also quite useful as you will not need to worry about where the lamp must go.
This lamp is made out of stainless steel, it produces a modern effect, and also produces a very sharp light. Furthermore the stainless steel is quite heavy and does not knock the lamp away. Likewise the base balances the weight of the bulb and in turn does not fall.
Product Analysis
Concerning my product or lamp, I will have to look at anthropometrics with great detail, for example, if my product was to big it would not be so popular, in the same way if my product was too small it would not be popular, to prevent this I will hand out sample models, all of different sizes to see which ones the public demands for. I will also hand out questionnaires to make analysing easier. Furthermore as my product will be aimed at 6-12 yr olds I must situate my product based on 6-12 yr olds. In my case a small to medium base. Using anthropometrics has taught me that one should not make products based on only one size, they should try to make a product which varies in size, to increase productivity and customers.
The term Anthropometric refers to information resulting from scientific study of measurements of the human body. Unlike my brief explanation of Anthropometric data in the previous pages I will analyse this topic with much greater detail and depth. Moreover I will use hands as my Anthropometric example.
Anthropometric Data
Design Ideas- Groovy Pen Holder
For my GCSE Product Design coursework, I have been given a task to create a lamp based on a theme of my choice. I have looked at various products of lamps, from which I have been inspired to create a unique lamp which I believe will excel in the market. Likewise in my project I will talk about the steps which I took to create my lamp and I will also make some comparisons and similarities between other lamps. I am basing my lamp on my room which is quite bright and saturated, I currently have one desk lamp which is very elegant and sleek. I am hoping that by the end of this project I will be able to create a bright and jubilant lamp. Furthermore, I have decided that my target audience should be children of both genders, preferably aged 7+. This is because my lamp is based on a fairground environment, hence bright colours and jubilance. These attributes appeal mostly to young children.
In conclusion I have decided to make my lamp based on a funfair environment, I have decided to make my lamp very bright and jubilant, I will talk about my lamp later on in the project with more depth. Furthermore I have also decided to base my lamp on a theme park ride. In addition I will carry out some In-depth market research to enhance my knowledge on lamps and the target audiences needs and wants.
Design Brief
Designing Skills
Design methodology
Sketching / Communication
Technical Drawing
CAM / Accuracy
Selecting Tools
Testing & Modification
Design Era's / Movements
Materials & Components
Design & Market Influences
Product Development
Marketing & Packaging
Controlled Assessment (45hrs)
Independent work
2 hour written exam, last cohort to sit in YR10..(so far as we know right now)
Meet Deadlines
Respond To feedback
Attend 100%
Bring the correct equipment
A4 Folder
& Revision Guide
Can you match the Image to the Designers?
Product Analysis
Analyse existing graphic products using ACCESS FM to annotate images.
CAD/CAM used to improve accuacy
Accurate cutting using wheel trimmer
Tab and Slot fastening for security
Image used and edited in 2D Design
Original Graphics
You will all be able to:

Organise your folders and be prepared for the course.
Understand the course structure.
Undertake product analysis of some existing graphic products in terms of strength and weaknesses
Week 1
paul rand
Noma Bar
Kate Moross
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