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Marathon Science School of Excellence

No description

emir saglam

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Marathon Science School of Excellence

Marathon School About The School Marathon Science School was opened in 2009 in September. It started with 40 people and this year (2010-2011) it is 69 people. Teachers Names Position Qualifications UK Teacher
Uzeyir Onur Headteacher BSc, B.ED PGCE
Ozcan Gokcek Deputy Headteacher Overseas B.ED
Davut Yavuzhan Deputy Headteacher Overseas BA
Nusrath Chowdhury Teaching Assistant BSc
Levent Altn Teacher BSc
Mehmet Ylmaz Teacher Overseas B.ED
M.Necati Bosca Teacher Overseas BA
Alena Janikova Teacher Overseas BA QTS
Margaret Corley Teacher B.Ed PGCE
Jomila Begum Ali Teacher BSc
Kevin John Bashford Teacher BA in Music
Reece Michael W Bailey Teacher Sports Coach
Mr.Makram Science
Miss.Linda Arabic
Mr.Moreda Spanish Classes
Yr 8a: 12 people
Yr 8m: 20 people
Yr 7: 18
Yr 9: 17 Pupils-Uniforms Our Uniform is with a blazer and a logo on it and shirt. Pupils- Subjects English
Classic Arabic
Quran Studies
History of Islam
Pupils-Behavoir Marathon Science School is a very discipline school. For more Info
visit www.marathonschool.com School Achievment-SATS Marathon Science School does its test in September and May School-Achievements-GCSE to be taken Marathon is preparing its first Gcse usually May.
Year 9 is going to take their exams based on
Ict, Re and Turkish.
School Achievments- Ofsted We've been inspected twice. Where we are School SE8 5RQ
Boarding House E2 8AX
Closest Train station to school: Surrey Quays
Boarding House: Hoxton
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