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Marine Mammals Gone Wild

No description

Cayla Sydow

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Marine Mammals Gone Wild

Marine Mammals Gone Wild
Help Wanted!
Job Requirement
Why Work Here?
Apply Today!
By: Cayla Sydow
Employees are expected to...
train, perform and care for our companies marine mammals
work hard and dedicate time and energy
always have a positive attitude towards work
no tardiness
feed and monitor animals' behavior and health habits
travel to exotic places to enhance information about our animal species
work during holidays
Specific skills for this career are required such as excelling at...
public speaking
staying on task
solving problems

Two certifications are required for this job; CPR and scuba diving.
A minimum of a bachelors degree is required in...
Marine Biology
Animal Science
Animal Behavior
Experience in working and handling sea creatures is expected. In addition, previous jobs that have similar requirements can only help one get a position at our company. Finally, having experience with big responsibilities, such as having a job, is required.
Marine Mammals Gone Wild offers great benefits. Certain insurances are granted...
On top of that free admissions to our center, tickets to our performances/shows, uniforms, sick days, vacation days, and long term care is provided.

A starting annual salary of $15,000 will be offered. As the employee stays with our center their income will increase by $2,500 per year. Additionally, $1,000 will be put away, each year, by our company, in a special account that will become assessable to the worker when he/she retires.
operating or living or growing in water
the variation in life on Earth reflected at all levels, from various ecosystems and species, to the genetic variation within a species
Keystone Predator
- the dominant predator or the top predator that has a major influence on community structure
Brackish Sea-
Semienclosed water body of large extent in which tidal stirring and seaward flow of freshwater do not exert enough of a mixing effect to prevent the body of water from having its own internal circulation pattern.
Marine Mammals Gone Wild is obviously the best career choice for you! We offer great benefits and a safe, but entertaining, environment. Additionally, we are extremely family orientated and strive to make our Earth healthier. Finally, we try to be lenient with our schedules allowing time for any personal needs or events. Our company isn't just a place with co-workers, it will become a home where your family members are.
To apply to Marine Mammals Gone Wild today contact us at...
Email: mmgonewild@gmail.com
Phone Number: 561-464-8182
Fax: 561-649-9734
Day by day we try to continue to be a "green company". To do this we use organic products to clean, feed, and nurture our animals. Furthermore, we do fundraiser shows where all profits are donated to preserving the ocean. Overall, we have representatives go to schools and educate adolescents about the damage our pollution is doing to our seas and how we can prevent it.
Our Mission Statement:
Marine Mammals Gone Wild is an inviting, outgoing, spectacular center. We provide once in a life time experiences including swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, and much more. With our low coast admission fees, we strive to become a regionally recognized entertainment name. Ultimately, we hope to one day help the seven seas with our small acts of kindness.
Fort Lauterdale, Florida
Provide remarkable services
Become a regionally recognized center
Save animals
Preserve oceans
Give one in a life time experiences
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