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Learning JavaScript

No description

Harrison Fisher

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Learning JavaScript


Dale Sawvelle
Harrison Fisher
Lucas Peixoto
Joey Derrah

Learning JavaScript is as easy as learning any computer programming language... ...as long as you know the syntax. Object Method Property Keywords Condition Tokens Relational Operaters Function Event Handlers Invisible entities that have a defined set of capabilities. Either a variable name or a literal constant that is followed by a relational operator. A JavaScript condition will always consist of two tokens. Specialized functions within the object that call upon the services of the object. A method is invoked after you enter the name of the object followed by a period. Objects that programmers access to obtain information about the object. Words that are recognized by the programming language as part of its language. A keyword, such as IF, ELSE, or RETURN, cannot be used as a variable. Made up of two tokens and a relational operator. A conditional statement tells the browser that if this condition is met, perform this function; if not (ELSE), perform a different function. Used to compare two different tokens. Outside of the <script> tag, tells the code when to execute. The thing that is activated by a method. Property Function Keywords Relational Operators
Tokens Method Condition Object Event Handlers So that's what they all mean, but what does it all look like? document.write("Lucas' heart is a black hole.") <a href="http://www.assabettech.com" onmouseout="turnBlue()"> document.write("Joey plays WOW too much.") function fname (thing1, thing2) document.arrow.src = blueArrow.src;
return; dumb >= dumb2 chum == fum if (index > 0)
} navigator.appName == "Netscape" Thanks for watching!
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