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Major Effects - Drought of 1876-1879

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Max Law

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Major Effects - Drought of 1876-1879

The devastating drought of 1876 - 1879 9.5 million - 13 million people died. Sickness, Famine, and much more. Expecting women died or contracted diseases, both of which also took the lives of many in the womb. The population was affected. This does not exclude other species of animals. They too died. Lack of water. Lack of food.
The crops die, the livestock die, the humans die. Theme 1~
Place and Location Theme 2~
Environment No food production in a 1m km square area Everythng dried up, springs, wells, lakes, rivers. Everything. The climate got warmer, and warmer. Possibly many extinctions of animals or leading to extinctions of the present time. There is proof of it today, tree trunk rings were thin, showing the decrease in annual precipatation. Theme 3~ Region The disaster is said to be caused by a three-year-old El Niño Soil erosion caused farmland area too not be only ruined for the 3 years of the drought but many years after. Theme 4~
Movement A report from the Shanxi Governor was sent to the Beijing Government states that: “60% - 70% of the famine-stricken victims suffered from typhoid fever. Many farmers could've moved their families if they saw the dying crops. But there was no record of this, none at all. Theme 5 ~
Some say people used slavery, murder, and cannibalism to survive.

Children were sold at markets as food. Every farmer ate their livestock, it was their only and last choice to survive.
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