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Egypt Cultural and Social Environment

No description

Abbie Biberdorf

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Egypt Cultural and Social Environment

Cultural and Social Environment
In Egypt
Cultural and Social Environment in Egypt
Katie King
Abbie Biberdorf
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
How does the interrelationship of business, law, and religion impact international business?
In Egypt, most businesses are closed on Thursday and Friday due to the Muslim holy day.
During the holy month of Ramadan in September, all muslims are only allowed to work six hours a day.
Many businesses operate on a reduced schedule.
What are ways to overcome issues with the crossover of business law and religion in international business?
Corruption impacting international business activities
A country's involvement and the impact on international trade
Culture Can Hamper Trade
Conduct business on days that the businesses are not closed for holiday.
Learn proper etiquette when addressing Egyptian business leaders
Have someone of importance doing business with them, especially not female superiority.
Egyptian law has a low level of tolerance for uncertainty, so be prepared before attempting to do business.

Conducting business with a business's competitors who your business is already associated with

Depending on the severity of their religious beliefs, some businesses are corrupted by their ideals and will not associate with another business who does not share their same religion. For example, Egypt is a predominantly Muslim nation so some businesses may not do business with a Jewish or Christian based business.
On July 13, 2013 the the Egyptian army removed Morsy from power. There were political uprisings with the people and the US got involved to help Egypt have a democracy. This would affect the business relationship for the better for some businesses that supported the US's help, and for other businesses, the US aid could have created a negative effect on the relationship with the US.
Power Distance
There is a high power distance which creates an uneven distribute of wealth and power within society.
The leaders set themselves on a pedestal and creates division between the general population and the powers.

Egypt is ranked very low in individualism and are mostly a collectivist society.
They chose to form close long-term commitments with family and their business
Loyalty is very pertinent with Egyptian people and is a driving force in business conduction

The Muslim religion restricts women with their rights but the country as a whole does not necessarily
The businesses still place emphasis on a feminine quality of building relationships.
Uncertainty Avoidance
Have low level of tolerance for uncertainty
So, strict laws and rules are places in their society in order to prevent uncertainty
They do not accept change well either

Product Delivery
During Egypt's civil wars, delivery may be restricted due to riots and demonstrations
Sara Garrison
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