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Boy Scouts...the problem and the solution

No description

Kevin Boucher

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Boy Scouts...the problem and the solution

The Boy Scouts...what can it do for you? Teach you skills
for the future A Brief History What happens if the solution is adapted? Help you understand
what it's like to be a citizen. Boyscouts can.... http://www.hulu.com/watch/18883/saturday-night-live-canteen-boy-and-the-scoutmaster Help you make new Friends Let me clear up the misconception. and if you reach the rank of Eagle... The Ranks Job Opportunities Scouts can help you get a job in fact, Many employers see
an eagle or any scouting experience as a sign of discipline
and achievement anyone Interested in the military? Military opportunites Eagle Scouts come in the air force as an E-3
Eagle scout comes into the army at an E-2
Marines also honor eagle Rank by giving the scout a rank different than private upon induction
if not? My experiences Won't you consider... And this whole message.... was... in the mind of the founder Resources www.becomeascout.org
and for local scouts
go to www.sagamoresignals.com
or call 1-800-884-0537 Robert Baden Powell
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