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The Values in Disney Films

Over the years, the Disney brothers have presented us with movies that teach us valuable lessons. A presentation for my HI122 World Civilizations II class with Professor J. Munoz at the Guam Community College. | Kevin M., Jaricel R., & Raizalyn S.

Jaricel Roman

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of The Values in Disney Films

The Values in Disney Films
Walt & Roy Disney
Oct. 16 1923
The start of the Disney company
First Animations
Black & White
First Movie
Sleeping Beauty
Live-Action Disney Movies
The Disney brothers wanted to share moral values through animation.
Buying Values
A moral value that can be learned is that

when you are fair and kind, good things may happen to you
The Disney Brothers Studio
With live-action Disney movies, the audience is able to believe morals in portrayed in a fantastical way.
By being fair and kind, good things will come your way.
Trolly Troubles
Steamboat Willie
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
With animated films being produced through Pixar, Disney is able to share moral values at a cheaper price.
Although the first Disney Princess movies give the value of
being kind to others
, they also imply that -
women are weak and are often damsels who need a man to save them
One often needs to be saved when they are careless.
Disney Teaches the Value of Diversity
Sharing Values Through Music
Your family should come first - even if your pride and honor have to be sacrificed.
Choosing the path of
can influence the people around you to do the same.
True love is selfless and can overcome many situations.
Show love and compassion to those you care about while you can - or you will regret it when you lose your chance.
The hit song
Let It Go
stresses the moral value of
prioritizing what you have presently
Acquired in 2006
Toy Story
(1-3) shares the moral value of
the power of friendship
Life around different people doesn't have to be a drag. You just need the right attitude. Have compassion for people you don't understand.
Mary Poppins
Through the purchase of movie tickets and merchandise, parents are able to 'buy values.' Disney has enabled parents to teach their kids moral values without having to do it themselves.
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