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Canada's Wonderland

No description

Jake Chin

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Canada's Wonderland

Pizza Pizza
“Hot and Fresh” pizza by the slice or as a whole pizza cut into 6 slices. If your looking for something healthy, try one of the gourmet salads or sandwiches. Hot Potato
This store serves crispy french fries, sweet potato fries, rich gravy, and poutine which are all featured on the menu. Canada's wonderland has several dining areas located all around the park such as: You Go Grill, Tiny Tom's Donuts,Thrill Burger, Teriyaki Experience, Starbucks, Roadside Deli, Manchu Wok,Gourmet Popcorn, Dairy Queen,Cookie Cafe, Coasters and Backlot Café. The Marketplace International Buffet
The marketplace international-you-can-eat buffet restaurant! The restaurant has great variety and selection.Diners can eat from Roast Beef, Pasta, Fried Chicken, salad bar and many other tasty options.
The Marketplace also has a dessert station and international specials. Mixitup ICEE
Icy treats available in 10 different flavours.
Choose one or chose them all and “Mixitup”! CANADA'S WONDERLAND Food & Beverages Events & Attractions Halloween Haunt, known as "FearFest" is a halloween themed event at canada's wonderland. It is Canada's largest haunted theme park featuring over 300 monsters, 10 walk-through "maze" attractions, 3 uniquely-themed atmospheric scare areas, and three live shows. The grounds are transformed with decorative props, scary music and lights to create a scary atmosphere. Splash Works is a water park located within the park boundaries of Canada's Wonderland. Entry is free with park admission. Splash Works is one the largest outdoor wave pool in Canada, and has 16 waterslides. Accommodation Best Western Parkway
Just 10-15 minutes from Canada's Wonderland! Full-service, 3-diamond hotel with 3 pools, poolside patio, tennis-volleyball-basketball & FREE access to the 25000 sq. ft. recreation centre. Free parking, WiFi, onsite Starbucks/Tim Horton’s, nearby shopping and over 30 restaurants across the street. Sheraton Parkway
Just 10-15 minutes from Canada's Wonderland! Full-service, 4-diamond hotel, offering two indoor pools, outdoor heated salt-water pool, resort-style poolside patio, tennis-volleyball-basketball & FREE access to the 25000 sq. ft. Athletic club. Free parking, onsite Starbucks, nearby shopping and over 30 restaurants across the street. For more hotels http://www.canadaswonderland.com/places-to-stay/featured-hotels Transportation: You can take car, public transit, Travel bus. Canada's Wonderland is a theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, north of Toronto. The park has 16 roller coasters – more than any other park outside of the United States. The park has been the most visited theme park in Canada for several years. It is also the second-most visited overall in the Cedar Fair chain with 3,481,000 million visitors in 2011.
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