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Etwinning and CLIL - A world of possibilities

The amazing possibilities of etwinning projects make them a fantastic tool for teachers involved in CLIL methodologies

César Prestel

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Etwinning and CLIL - A world of possibilities

initiative What is it? Online school
partnerships What is it about? What are the advantages? Amazing educational tool LLP Comenius Collaboration ICT Foreing
Languages Flexibility Great freedom Collaborative
learning Motivating and
significant learning Natural use
of English European
dimension How can I integrate it in my class? Alternative methodology,
same contents Student-based
approach Key competences A world of possibilities César Prestel
IES Cervantes (Madrid) Etwinning and CLIL Communication in foreign languages
Digital competence
Learning to learn
Social and civic competences
Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
Cultural awareness and expression How does it work? etwinning
platform Register Find partners Create
your project Use the
Twinspace Share
your work Discuss and
agreements www.etwinning.net I need help! Advice
and support National Support
Service Central Support
Service www.etwinning.es www.etwinning.net And CLIL? Working with the
bilingual section Natural environment
for the use of English Communication
with our partners No simulations.
This is real! So using only English
makes sense after all... Any examples? etwinning
projects Ancient history
in my town Getting to know
human rights And more
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