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Using MBTI to Enhance Student Employee Development

No description

Sarah Carbone

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Using MBTI to Enhance Student Employee Development

Type Indicator (MBTI)

Exploring Personality Preferences
Energy and Attention

Attuned to the external environment
Prefer to communicate by talking
Work out ideas by talking them through
Learn best through doing or discussing
Re-energized by people and activity
Drawn to their inner world
Prefer to communicate in writing
Work out ideas through reflection
Learn best by reflection, mental practice
Private and contained
Re-energized by quiet
time and reflection
Gathering Information
Orientated to present realities
Factual and concrete
Focus on what is real and actual
Observe and remember specifics
Build carefully and thoroughly toward conclusions
Are specific and literal
Trust experience
Orientated to future possibilities
Imaginative and verbally creative
Focus on meanings in data
Remember specifics related to a pattern
Move quickly to conclusions, follow hunches
Use metaphors and analogies
Trust inspiration
Step back to get an objective view
Use cause-and-effect reasoning
Solve problems with logic
Can be “tough-minded”
Fair = everyone treated equally
Guided by personal values
Assess impacts of decisions on people
Strive for harmony over truth
May appear “tender-hearted”
Fair = everyone treated as an individual
Like to have things decided
Resists re-opening decisions
Make short and long term plans
Try to avoid last minute stress
Like to explore options
Resists cutting off options
Adapt, change course easily
Thrive on last-minute pressure
What do you appreciate in the opposite type?
Extroversion vs. Introversion
Sensing vs. Intuition
Thinking vs. Feeling
Imagine you are a Human Resources Director and due to budget cuts, have to lay one of your employees off.

Employee 1: Has performed well in their job that has not missed a day of work.

Employee 2: Has done "OK" in their job and has missed a handful of days because they are a single parent and had to stay home when the children are sick.

Which employee would you let go?
Judging vs Perception
Divide into J's and P's and plan a picnic for your student employment team.
Further Career Exploration
What are the benefits of having both E's and I's on a team?
Making Decisions
Dealing with the Outer World
Key Objectives of Workshop
A Little Background
Created for DePaul's EDGE Program
Requested by Student Employee Managers
Self-assessment of MBTI
How does it fit into student employment?
Team building aspect
Career/Major Exploration
Ways to Implement Workshop
Do not need to be MBTI certified
Collaborate with Career Center
Career development vs. Team building
What do you prefer to do after a long day of class?
How do you like to tell stories?
What is your preferred process when making a big or little decision?
What method is going to give you the best outcome?
Trouble assessing their type
Students questioning the validity
The desire to assess the student
Student Employment
Managers understand how students prefer to work
Coworkers get to know each other better
Could result into less team conflict
Career Development
Connection with major or desired career
Career Paths are uncovered that students might not have thought about
Help with undecided majors or contemplating switching majors
Good platform to promote services offered by your Career Center
Thank you!
Sarah Carbone
DePaul University
Assistant Director
Twitter: @DePaulOSE
Possible NSEW offering
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