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Goal 1

Evaluate the theories and styles of democratic government.

Matthew Ellis

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Goal 1

Objective 1.01 Evaluate the theories and styles of democratic government. Democracy Direct Democracy Representative Democracy Athenian Democracy E-Democracy Multi-Party Democracy Democratic Theories Aristotle- Rule of Many
Minimalism- Short terms of elected citizens control government
William H. Riker
Adam Przeworski
Richard Posner
Republicanism- Elected Government with Head of State
Founding Fathers
Federalism- Combination of Strong National Government with Regional (State) Governments
James Madison
Alexander Hamilton OBJECTIVE 1.02
Analyze the philosophy and ideologies that influenced the formulation and adoption of the Constitution. The Founders' Ideology Federalism
James Madison
Alexander Hamilton
Strong national government with power over the states
Patrick Henry
George Mason
Weak National Government to control commerce and powerful states OBJECTIVE 1.03
Investigate the experiences that influenced the beginnings of American government. Events that Influenced the Revolution Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights
French and Indian War
Common Sense's Publication OBJECTIVE 1.04
Understand the implication(s) of separation of powers as a foundation of American government. http://www.aoc.state.nc.us/www/copyright/resource/1trans1.gif OBJECTIVE 1.05
Understand the implication(s) of federalism as a foundation of American government. AP Government and Politics
Objective 1
By: Matthew Ellis Permission for the use of this project has been granted by the creator. This includes but is not limited to future copies of this course. Federalism implies that the job of governing will be split between the states and the central government, allowing both governments to focus on their own jobs and delegate responsibilities to each other
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