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Copy of The Manhunt by Simon Armitage

No description

Clare Keightley

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Manhunt by Simon Armitage

Learning Intentions:
To understand how language is used to describe the process of a wife's journey to discover her husband's injury
TIF: How does Armitage uses couplets and broken rhyme to demonstrate a troubled relationship
The Manhunt by Simon Armitage
Verbs to describe the wife's journey
By the end of the poem the wife has found the centre of his pain
How can Armitage use structure to express both the intimacy and connection of the married couple and the barriers between their communication?
Handle and hold
Finger and Thumb
Discover, search, find, hunt out
Feel, touch, get hold of, embrace
Touch, feel, caress, explore
Wrap, enfold, bandage, secure, protect, restrain, join, connect, fasten, fix, , embrace, enfold, unite
Discover, get to know, understand, empathise
Follow, copy, outline, frame, delineate
the frozen river which
ran through his face'
the fractured rudder of shoulder blade'
the rungs of his punctured lung'
'mind and attend'
'the foetus of metal beneath his chest'
'a sweating unexploded mine'
Hard Times by Plan B
By Simon Armitage
Using couplets to demonstrate their union and the strength of their marriage
And broken rhyme to mirror the wife's disconnection from her husband

and 'ribs'
'along' and 'scan'
'chest' and 'rest'
'search' and 'source'
'to a sweating, unexploded mine
buried deep in his mind'
But, even then she cannot actually reach him, because he is too damaged and scarred 'every nerve in his body had tightened and closed'
The half-rhyme of the final couplet, the words that nearly rhyme, but just miss, demonstrate how tantalizingly close she is - but not close enough.
Sum up:

EAT: What emotions are expressed? What is the poem about? Whose is the speaker and what is their tone of voice?
Language: Pick some of Armitage's language choices that best express the speaker's feelings and her difficult journey
Imagery: How do Armitage's choice of metaphors demonstrate the broken state of the man's body and mind?
Structure: How does Armitage use couplets and rhyme to express the state of the couple's relationship
Opinion: What do you think of the poem?
What connotations do you link to the
metaphor of the title 'The Manhunt'?
search, quest, look for, scour, pursue, quest
Imagine these images mirror how someone feels in body and mind - How might they be feeling?
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