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Neo Nazi

No description

Christian Towsend

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Neo Nazi

Neo Nazism exists in Canada as a branch of right-wing radicalism and has been a source of considerable controversy for the last 50 years
Switzerland’s Neo Nazi activity has grown significantly in the 1990s and 2000s including many riots and protests.
On 18 September in Athens, left-wing activist and musician Pablos Fyssas was stabbed to death after being attacked by a group of fifteen men. Police arrested a member of the Neo Nazi Golden Dawn party suspected for committing the crime.
The largest Neo Nazi organization is called Golden Dawn, and is located in Greece. It's been corrupting the government for many years, and was founded in 1985. Despite this, Neo Nazi groups are still existent in almost every country in the world, including America. The National Alliance, the largest U.S. Neo Nazi organization, claims to represent a worldview based on beliefs about nature and the place of Aryan or white people within what they call the “natural order.”

By: Christian Townsend and Joey Rivenbark
Public Service Announcement
The National Alliance is lead by William Pierce, who is the author of the Turner Diaries, a book that experts believe to have served as a blueprint for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
Neo Nazi parties are banned in only a few countries, such as Germany and Austria
Because of the US’s guaranteed freedom of speech, there are no restrictions of political organizations that express Nazi, racist, or anti-Semantic views

Where are they located?
What are they doing?
Since Greece's economy crash, it's government has become increasingly corrupted by Neo Nazis trying to take over the deteriorating government. Neo Nazis are also participating in hate crimes against Jews, Gays, and political parties
Golden Dawn holds 18 of the 300 parliamentary seats in Greece
Golden Dawn is the third most popular party in the country
A legal report links Golden Dawn to the murder of Fyssas, another killing, three attempted murders, and numerous assaults

Anti Neo Nazi Groups and What You Can Do
Some groups that stand against Neo Nazis are
Anti-Deformation League and Fascism Watch
The World Jewish Congress
Things you can do:
The US Government funds the Anti Deformation League and Fascism Watch so by paying your taxes you are already helping to fight against Neo Nazis
However, the World Jewish Congress is non profit, so in order to help them out, you can donate
Facts and Statistics
Facts and Statistiscs (continued)
What are Neo-Nazis?
After the Nazis were defeated in World War II, the new democratic government of Germany enacted a policy of “denazification” - a purging of the country of Nazi ideology and a removal of former Nazis from public positions. however Neo Nazis were created as a variety of loosely organized social groups or movements that promote
values or doctrines based roughly on those of Nazi Germany (1933-45), usually some
combination of white supremacy, anti-Semitism, racism, and anti-gay and lesbian and
anti-immigrant discourse
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