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No description

ines mendes

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Ex:POSE

we need to
show off
we need
to peep
at others
What if out of the


for one day

we had to choose between

showing off


When that day comes
Would you be an
entertainer or a voyeur?
“Life is a great big beautiful three-ring circus. There are those on the floor making their lives among the heads of lions and hoops of fire, and those in the stands, complacent and wowed, their mouths stuffed with popcorn."

― Christopher Hawke, Unnatural Truth

“The world is a stage and the play is badly cast.”
― Oscar Wilde
Shakespeare said the world's a stage.

Make sure the lights stay on you
and make it worthy their while!
Be the star.
You can post and shine.
You can view what other entertainers posts and comment or like as you wish.

However in showbiz world what you say will soon vanish unless you go insanely popular! Entertain people your way, each comment or like you get will increase the life span of your activity.

When that life span comes to an end... your post/comment will simply vanish as will popular memory.
Not all are perks in this life though and so you cannot see anyone who's not a star like yourself.

You can only interact with the ones in the light. Shadows move around on the backstage and the audience is in pitch dark, there are people staring in there but you can only put up a show for them, not interact personally.

Who would care about the background anyway?

Maybe it is a perk after all, you get to enlighten human race with your remarks without having to put up with half the nonsense you usually do.
Now definitely not a perk is that all the pages you visit will show up in your timeline.

We know, we know, intrusive and right to privacy and all That... but that's fame.

The spotlights Are on! Be whatever character you want to be.
Be certain that the world is staring make sure to make it worth its while.
Also for the day you cannot delete any comments - not the ones you've made nor those someone has made on your thread.

Once the words are out there that bridge is burnt! And you know what they say... If you are gonna burn something you might as well blast it!
Final detail:

Playing it low will be the death of you in this world, this way there is a time limit on how long you get to stay online without any activity.

But then again what business could a star have in the shadows?
Keeping an eye on everything and your hands clean is your way to deal with things.

therefore you can see what the stars go around doing.

all of it: from every single page they visit within Facebook to their social activity even after it vanishes for the people logged in as entertainers .
However being a shadow has its price.

you cannot either post, comment or like any content.

You are totally invisible for everyone else. An outsider peeking from wherever the shadows are slightly darker than they should be.
On the other hand while entertainers have absolutely no chance for privacy you get the chance to whisper at others of your kind in a private chat.

However spies cannot chitchat for long, you have a limit of characters per 10 minutes.
Even though you can use the chat worry not!

As it should happen with spies, your privacy is absolute and no spy will appear online.

therefore in order to engage in private messaging you will have to take a leap of faith and message whoever you want to talk to.

However be careful is that person a spy or just a "future entertainer" who hasn't logged in yet? If you are to message an entertainer-to-be you will loose your abilities to chat with other spies temporarily once that star logs in.

You know just until you can get all those lights beams away from you. All that glitter certainly looks deadly.
What will you be?
"There is no such pleasure as that of sitting inside a parked car, concealed only by the unlikelihood of such a chance and watch people go by in their lives, caught in a moment as static as in camera."

There's nothing as poetically nostalgic as noisy Surveillance footage and Binoculars.
Observing someone unaware while remaining unseen gives our own cells the consistency of a secrete. And our thoughts the illusion of intimacy.
Take a peek out of sheer curiosity
Enjoy the peeping show!!
Be the Spy.
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