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Consciousness Raising: A Constant Change of Heart

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alexis wolfe

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Consciousness Raising: A Constant Change of Heart

Consciousness Raising: A Constant Change of Heart
Firstly, let's recall what feminism means in modern culture...
This means challenging the perpetuated patriarchal forces in all spheres of society.
...Mass Media
Gender Inequality stills exists...
so what exactly IS Bell Hook's definition of feminism?
"Feminism is a movement that reinforces strategies that will enable a mass movement to end sexism and sexist exploitation and oppression for EVERYONE.
"Feminists are not born. They're made through establishing belief in feminist politics through action and choice." - Bell Hooks
Feminism is for Everybody
Passionate Politics
Bell Hooks
The idea of feminism has been skewed by misuse of the term and lack of education about feminism's aims. Suddenly, it's apparently why feminism has received a bad reputation since the 1970's
Hooks suggests that feminist theory and feminist politics have lost their meaning and significance by the failure of women to address their own internalized sexism first.
Did feminism fail?

The Reality: Males benefit from sexism. However, before we can CHANGE the patriarchal way of thinking, we have to raise our own consciousness.
therefore, it's particularly important to find a realistic standpoint on gender exploitation and oppression.
has mainstream media caused feminism to lose visibility?
this encompasses CLASS, RACE and GENDER - ending ALL oppression.
Where do males play a role?
Feminist consciousness raising for males is as ESSENTIAL as it is for females.
Males of all ages need a setting where their resistance to sexism is affirmed and valued
(besides Sauron?)
Discussion Question:
Mariam Gessous won the "Feminism is for Everyone" Creative Competition with her series of "Are you a feminist?" posters:

How effective has the feminist movement been in responding to the constrains imposed by our heteronormative patriarchal society?

"A male who has divested of male privilege, who has embraced feminist politics, is a worthy comrade in struggle, [is] in no way a threat to feminism."
- Bell Hooks
Most individuals-even women themselves- do not know the definition of feminism. They view feminism as anti-male. However, feminism is simply the process of seeking equality and the same rights as men.
Lady Gaga: “You see, if I was a guy…grabbing my crotch and talking about how I make music cause I love fast cars and fucking girls, you’d call me a rock star. But when I do it in my music and my videos, because I’m a female….you’re judgemental and call it distracting...I'm just a rock star."
Interviewer:"Are you also a feminist?
Lady Gaga: " I'm not a feminist. I hail men, I love men, I celebrate American male culture, beer, and bars, and muscles."
Teaching males about sexism
Prevention of mass media portraying feminism as "anti-male"
Emma's video
Something to ponder...
To what extent do you think the feminist movement has been and is successful in encompassing race, gender and class relations?
MRA: Why it Misses the Point
started in 1970s, alongside first waves of feminism as women started to gain more equal rights in terms of education and wages
"society has become too 'feminised', men are oppressed"
“Slut” is how we vilify a woman for exercising her right to say “yes”. “Friendzone” is how we vilify a woman for exercising her right to say “no”
Views of feminism in the eyes of females
Lady Gaga
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj:
"Is that wrong? For wanting more for myself? Wanting people to treat me with respect?"
"When I am assertive, I’m a bitch. When a man is assertive, he’s a boss."

"...when you’re a girl, you have to be like…everything. "
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