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Motti Elazar

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Motti Elazar

Alexander showed valor by not backing down in the face of certian death which eventually came, but he did not go down without a fight.
Alexander protected his fellow men by destroying the enemies that were attacking them. He also went in and out of enemy territory multiple times.
Alexander- Sacrifice
Alexander Nininger threw himself into a conflict I have no doubt he believed he would not survive. So he dived into enemy territory and was killed, after taking scores of enemies with him.
Alexander Nininger Jr.
Alexander Nininger was a member of the United States Army. He served and died in World War 2. He received the medal of honor when he decided to join a branch which he wasn't assigned to and was under fire. He single handedly led a charge and cleared out enemy foxholes with just some hand grenades and a rifle. He also repeatedly went back under enemy fire, and he was shot 3 times and was finally killed after going too deep into enemy territory. When his body was found, 2 enemy soldiers and an officer laid dead near him...
Alexander Nininger jr.
Matej Kocak William E.Adams

Motti Elazar
Wilmar Guzman
Devin Valdez

Alexanders actions are the very definition of honor. Helping troops not in his squad and dying for them, is not something everyone would have the guts to do.
medal of honor
Alexander - fun fact
Alexander Nininger was the first soldier in World War 2 to receive a medal of honor.
William E. Adams
Major William E. Adams served as a helicopter pilot in Kontum province in the Republic of Vietnam. He attempted to evacuate 3 seriously injured soldiers from a flaming build. when enemy gunners opened fire to the lightly armed helicopter and it almost went down by rocket propelled grenades.With his skill he took control and landed safely on the ground.
He volunteered to serve as a lightly armed helicopter in the Republic of Vietnam.
He tried to evacuate from a flaming building with 3 wounded soldiers
Adams- Sacrifice
He was blown up by a rpg and heavy enemy gunners and helicopters while evacuating injured soldiers from a burning building.
He directed has attack to the enemy as they were boarding almost shot down.
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