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Is Odysseus an epic hero?

I'm here to prove that yes, Odysseus is indeed a hero.

Chasity Bright

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Is Odysseus an epic hero?

Lets find out Is Odysseus an Epic Hero? Odysseus is an Epic Hero. In this Prezi I am going to prove that Odysseus is indeed an epic hero. We are going to go along his journey of trying bringing his men home, to show that he is an epic hero. The island of the Lotus eaters is an island where a person would never want to leave, if they ate the ate the lotus flowers that is.When Odysseus stopped at the island he sent 3 men on land. When they didn't return he came to the land and retrieved his men. They fought him; they didn't want to leave the island. Eventually he got them on the ship and left as fast as his ship could carry him. The Island of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus and six of his best men went on to the land. They entered a cave and saw a bunch of food which they started to feast upon. All of a sudden a giant Cyclops entered the cave and rolled a large stone in the doorway. They were locked in. the cyclops noticed them and ate two of the men. The cyclops left to graze his sheep. While he was gone Odysseus sharpened the end of the club and burned it to harden it. When the cyclops came back he ate two more men. Odysseus gave him many bowls of
wine until he passed out. When he was asleep
Odysseus and his remaining men stabbed the
club into the cyclops' eye. In blind furry he open
the door and Odysseus and his men got away. The Land of the Cyclops. During his time with Circe she told him of the Sirens, who sing songs that lure poor sailors to their death. She told him that if you live through the Sirens song you become wiser. He told his men to tie him to the mast and do not let him down no matter how much he cries and begs. He covers all of his men's ears with wax so they are oblivious to the song of the sirens. When they pass the sirens Odysseus is let down from the mast. He then leads them to Scylla and her sister Charybdis. The Sirens As you can see oh muse that Odysseus is an epic hero. He shows all the signs of one. For he was given a quest, he was tested by the gods, he entered worlds unknown to us, he was nearly defeated by the enemy and lastly he went home to his wife. I have now proved to you that he is a great epic hero. I gives thanks to you Athena for helping me give proof to the world. Remember:
An Epic hero has 8 characteristics * Hero usually has supernatural abilities
* Hero is given a quest
* Hero is tested to see if worthy of quest
* Hero gains help of mystical beings and people.
* Hero enters magical world where normal people can't enter.
* Hero reaches a point where they almost quit and appear defeated by the enemy.
* But the hero experiences a resurrection.
* The hero finally gains their rightful place as the leader of their people. Invocation:
I call upon my muse Athena and ask, is Odysseus not a hero? Did he not make it his quest to bring his men to the safety of their homes after that terrible war? Didn't he go through the luring lotus eaters, a cannibalistic cyclops, dark land of the dead, tempting sirens, and revenge for his men eating the cattle of Helios, the sun god. So help me prove to the world that he, Odysseus, is indeed worth the time to be called an epic hero. The Cattle of Helios After Odysseus losses some men to the wrath of Scylla and Charybdis a terrible storm erupts. They find a cavern that leads to the land where Helios, the sun god, keeps his cattle. the seamen are about to slaughter the animals when Odysseus say that the sun god would never forgive them if they do. Odysseus goes off to pray to the gods then falls asleep. While he sleeps, his men get so hungry that they slaughter some of the cows. They burn some for the gods and they eat the rest. Odysseus finds out and is furious. Finally the storm ends. They sail off towards Ithaca. Helios was still mad about his cattle so he had Zeus strike them with a lightning bolt. When he did the ship sank in the deep ocean. But Odysseus is still afloat and tries to swim home. The Other Characteristics He did not have any super-natural abilities, but not all heroes do.
At each stop he was tested to see if he would continue along his journey. He never quit even when his ship was destroyed by the gods. Land of the Dead In the Land of the Dead Odysseus made an offering to Lord Hades and his queen sweet Persephone. Then he made a pool of blood that souls could drink from and talk to people. Odysseus let Prince of Thebes forth to drink the blood. The prince foretold that the seamen of Odysseus would come to the end of their live if they feast upon the cattle of Helios. They would destroy their lives and the ship and only Odysseus would survive. Only to return home to other men courting his wife. Ithaca In this part of his journey he entered a world normal people can't enter. His quest is to bring his men safely home. Here he received help from a soul. The soul warned Odysseus of what he needed to watch for in the future. This is where the hero, Odysseus, appears defeated by the enemy, the gods, but then experiences a resurrection, he survived the sinking of the ship. This is were the hero gains their rightful place. Odysseus returns home.
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