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Runaways presentation

No description

Earl Joshua Zalameda

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Runaways presentation

Our character is Nico Minoru
strengths and weaknesses of nico minoru
- Whenever the Staff of One is taken from Nico, she has somewhat limited powers
Minoru has some magical aptitude, but she has never received proper training. So far she has relied on the Staff of One to work magic
Power Grid Of Nico Minoru
Physical Appearance
-First Nico look like a little gothic
-Wore dark colours for example her trench coat its black
-Nico looks a bit asian
-Nico has brown eyes
She kind of annoys her parents
She is respectful
Shes an adventurer
Shes always positive when she doesn't see fighting
Shes cool because she has a lot of patients
Shes always angry when she sees fighting. She has to protect her friends.
She is a kind person
She is brave
She is helpful
-Nico hit karolina's mom cause she was a treat to his friends
-Nico help alex get the ring the decoder.
-she doesn't like going to (charity) meetings.
Social life
The book
THe end!

By: Earl,emeka &,daniel
We are going over this things about Nico
- Personality
-Physical appearance
-Social life
We Daniel and Emeka are presenting our character Nico Minoru.
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