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A Singapore Airlines Case Study

No description

Sophi Loren

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of A Singapore Airlines Case Study

Singapore Airlines has come a long way since its founding in 1972, evolving from a regional airline to one of the most respected travel brands around the world.

Its headquarter is in the Singapore.
SIA is well known for the quality of its product offering and excellence of service offering

SIA offers four classes of service – suites, first class, business class and economy class.

Lets have a look
Strength of SIA
 Economic Success

 Strong Trading link

 Strong brand image

 Trained manpower

 Client satisfaction

 Latest Aircraft
Question-1: What is the use of SWOT analysis in this case?
Thank you!
Presented By,

Jiku Saha
ID: 1301028

H. M. Arif Enam
ID: 1301029

Ruma Mazumder
ID: 1301030

MD. Alauddin Babu
ID: 1301031

MD. Zubayer Hossen
ID: 1301032

Question – 2: Which value creating activities being exploited to use the business level strategy?
Show those activities using the value chain analysis for the business level strategy
A Singapore Airlines Case Study
Weakness of SIA
Heavy Competition
High Price
Not permitted to access air route in all over the world
University of Chittagong
Center For Business Studies
Opportunity of SIA
 Rapid growth in air transport.

 Market & route expansion

 Competitive package offering

Ability to maintain the quality of customer service by using 28000 strong workforces.
Threats of SIA
Competitor growing

Route fare analysis

Restrictive regulations of air routes.
Business Strategies
Cost Leadership Strategy :

Producing and marketing a good quality product or service at a lower cost than the competitors.

Differentiation Strategy :

Creating a product or service that is perceived as being unique throughout the industry

Focus Strategy:

Addressing a focused segment of the marketplace, product form or cost management process.
Product Innovation.

Investment in leading-edge technology that helps SIA to achieve leadership position in In-flight entertainment.

Designing In-flight dining with the formation of ICP & the introduction of World Gourmet Cuisine.

Creation of unique packages for all classes of passengers.

In our case SIA has taken differentiation strategy by developing following competitive advantages –
Business Strategies (Contd.)
Value chain activities: Differentiation strategy of SIA
value chain is a chain of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service for the market. The concept comes from business management and was first described and popularized by Michael Porter.
Presented To,

Professor MD. Sahidur Rahman
Management Studies
University of Chittagong
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