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Week 8, Lecture 1 - Fluency 1

No description

Megan Brown

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Week 8, Lecture 1 - Fluency 1

Next class:
Interactive Read Alouds
Read Locomotion (55-70)
Bring in a
that you feel would make a good read-aloud
Edit case study chart
Have you written in your Unforgettable section?

How about those important words for your Mini Word Wall?

Grab a running record practice slip and see if you can identify the patterns
Let's try it
What role does fluency play in your life?
What is fluency?
Why is this
It's not about speed
What do you think?

Share some positives and negatives with someone near you
The ability to read
, with
attention to punctuation
Forms of Fluency Instruction
Simultaneous repeated reading/Echo reading
Tape-assisted repeated reading
Partner reading
Choral reading
Readers theater
Just reading!
Choosing a Fluency Text
Identify passage at student reading level
Have student read for 1 minute
Mark off where they stop reading
During reading, take note of errors
Rate=number of words read accurately
Accuracy (percentage)=number of words read accurately divided by total number of words attempted
Intro and Questions
Case Study Chart Review
Running Record Practice
Fluency Practice
Group Presentation
Fluency Notes & Book Promo
Preview Next Class
Stages of Fluency
Nonaccurate stage
: recognize words with great effort (not always correctly)
Accuracy stage
: recognize words accurately with great attention and effort
Automatic stage
: recognize words accurately and instantly
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