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majo prieto

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of ABRAHAM MASLOW

Maslow proposed a theory of growth and development based on the healthy man , in which the key to motivation is the concept of need. Describe a hierarchy of human needs which the most basic is the growth , which governs and organizes all others. From here there are five levels or hierarchies , from the need for survival , which is relatively strong, and physiological nature necessary for homeostasis, to the need for growth , relatively weak and more psychological nature.
Impeller of humanistic psychology , which is based on concepts such as self-realization, the higher levels of consciousness and transcendence, created the theory of self that bears his name.
Psychiatrist and psychologist
(New York, 1908 - California, 1970)
Abraham Maslow was the oldest of seven children whose parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia. It was slow and tidy and he remembered his childhood as lonely and rather unhappy. He was alone and unhappy. I grew up in libraries and among books. "Maslow was to study law, but eventually went to the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin to study psychology
The hierarchy of human needs sorted by strength ( physiological are those with more power or " dominance " of self and have less strength ) is as follows : physiological needs, protection , need for love and belonging, esteem need and finally , the need for self-realization.
Maslow conducted a review of the motivation theories of Freud and Hull. According to Maslow, Freud's model only describes the neurotic behavior of subjects who can not tolerate the frustrations , while Hull 's theory deals exclusively with organizations driven by a deficit
Maslow devised a visual aid to explain his theory , which he called "hierarchy of needs" , consisting of a pyramid that contains the human, psychological and physical needs. Moving in step in the pyramid , self-actualization is reached
Abraham Maslow greatly influenced the world view to society. It gave a new face to the study of human behavior. He called his new discipline, "Humanistic Psychology"

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