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A Study of Cadbury Dairy Milk

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Peyyie yap

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of A Study of Cadbury Dairy Milk

The Influence of Cadbury
Dairy Milk Video Advertisement
on Gender's Buying Intention.

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Marketing communications is one of the most important factors in an organizations success on the market.
Statement of the Problem
This study aims to find out if Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement influence which gender (male or female) to their intention to buy more of the products.
Literature Review
Review of the literature
Related Studies
Gender and decision making process
Research Locale
KDU University College, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
The purpose with marketing communications is to make the organization and its products well known for its customers along with keeping the customers conscious about the organization.
A customer usually starts its buying process by processing the information sent out by different organizations as mass communications, for example TV advertisement or outdoor Advertisements.
Not only do advertisers view men and women differently, but men and women also bring different perspective to advertising. Thus, it can assume that men and women create different meaning from the advertising that they see.
In this research, researcher will determine that how men and women view on the advertisement and which gender will have more buying intention after the advertisement.
In the United States, women start 70% of new businesses. A study by Continumm (2011) found that women control 65% of global spending, a total of about $20 trillion (Shierley Chisholm, 2014).

1. How Cadbury Dairy Milk video advertisement influence the buying intention of male and female?

2. Which gender will pay more attention and attract by the Cadbury Dairy Milk video advertisement through social media?
3. What is the buying intention of male and female towards
Cadbury Dairy Milk video advertisements thorough social media?

1. To examine how Cadbury Dairy Milk video advertisement influence on buying intention of male and female.
2. To find out which gender will pay more attention and influence by the Cadbury Dairy Milk video advertisement through social media.
3. To determine whether male or female will have more buying intention towards the products after the Cadbury Dairy Milk video advertisement.
Theoretical Framework
AIDA model will be applied in this study in order to study how the Cadbury advertisement can influence the buying attention of the both gender.
AIDA was created by Strong in 1925 and is a behavioral model that has as purpose to make sure that an advertisement raise awareness, stimulate interest, and leads the customer to desire and eventually action (Hackley, 2005).
The model is seen as a highly persuasive and is said to often unconsciously affect our thinking (Butterfield, 1997).

1. Commands Attention.
2. Leads to Interest in the products.
3. And then Desire to use the products.
4. Leads to Actions.

With the AIDA model Strong suggests that for an advertisement to be effective it has to be one that:
Definition of Advertising
Advertising is one of the most powerful mass communication tools that can influence audience mindset and it also can deliver the message to the audience effectively.
A communication process, a marketing process, a public relation process or an information process and persuasion process (Arens, 1996).
Advertising is a form of channel that used by the advertisers to create and build the awareness of a product and service in a consumer’s mind and to build up the knowledge about it.
The purpose of advertising is to enhance potential buyers’ responses to the organization and its offering, emphasizing that it seeks to do this providing information, by channeling desire, and by supplying reasons for preferring a particular organization’s offer.
The Company – Cadbury Nigeria PLC
Leading company in Nigeria in confessional, food drinks, and food whose quality brands and products are available and enjoyed in all 36 states of the nation and Federal Capital Territory.
Cadbury Nigeria Plc was incorporated on 9th January 1965 and it has since grown to become a leading manufacturing concern in the Food and Beverage sector.
The product that Cadbury World delivers is “a memorable, exciting and great day out”; whereas for the main Cadbury business, the product delivered is chocolate, candy, gum brands and drinking chocolate products.
In 2008, Cadbury working with Big Communications, it was deemed that in order to execute a successful campaign.
Social medium Usage
Advertising is one of the main approaches for a company or a firm to employ to manage demand risk by raising awareness of the products (Boudreau and Watsob,2006).
According to Nielsen (2014), radio attracts 2.31 million Malaysians aged 10 years and over in an average 15-minute time slot.
15.6 million radio listeners in peninsular Malaysia tune in every week.
Malaysia is one of the most prominent among South-east Asia countries in terms of Internet penetration, with 58.8 per cent of Malaysians using the Internet.
In July 2011, Malaysia ranked third in South-East Asia with 11 million Facebook users.
According to a recent Nielsen survey, there are 64% of Malaysian consumers say they are highly or influenced by social media advertisement
In year 2014, Cadbury’s Malaysia came out a campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk which is “Say It with Chocolate”. As per company statement, the campaign achieved a five-point increase in perception of Cadbury Dairy Milk as a gift amongst the target audience of Malay and Chinese consumers aged 20-29 years. It attained a 30% increased in sales by value and unit.
According to Sidin (2004), gender is made up of norms that reinforce between male and female.
Men look directly at the primary message of a given advertisement while women not only evaluate the primary message but they also pick up multiple clues from the message and weave together threats to intuit and infer the inner meaning of the message (Popcorn & Morigold, 2000).
Men process message and make decision more quickly than women due to the observation that men has a linear thinking and reasoning style, and men tend to have more task oriented focus than women have.
Women, process the information in advertising quickly and from many levels and sources, including music, visuals, voice over and text.
Women and men respond entirely different stimuli when viewing and evaluating advertising message.
Men respond positively to mal imagery, and female respond positively to female imagery.
Males will focus more on certain decisions or tasks but females will focus more on their activities. Females’ brain are most likely influence by the empathy but males’ brain are most likely influence by understanding and building systems (Livette, 2006).
Males believed internet advertising to be more enjoyable than magazine advertising, and more useful, more informative and enjoyable than newspaper and magazine advertisement. On the contrary, females appeared to believe Internet advertising to be more annoying and more offensive.
Mitcell and Walsh(2004) found that males and females differs in their product choices; and they also defer in their choice decision maker styles.
Purchase Intention
Purchase intention means “The activities that one or more person might perform in a buying decision.
Six buying roles can be distinguished as :
The message that advertiser deliver, the celebrities, graphics and text that they used could always capture the attention of the consumer and this is actually influence consumer’s mindset indirectly.
Research Methodology
Research Method
This research used descriptive method in determining the influence the buying intention of both gender men and women towards the products after the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement.
The sample survey will be employed in this study because it measures the existing phenomenon without inquiring into why it’s exists.
The researchers will use a non-probability purposing sampling to attain the response for this study.
Survey is the best method in order to collect all the data and information due to surveys is a popular and systematic approach to collecting quantitative data that will provide statistical collecting quantitative data that will provide statistical information about a population.
KDU students and staff is due to the audience is from age group between 18 to 40 years old.
Research Respondent
Male and Female
Age in between 18 - 40 years old.
Research Instrument
A questionnaire will be prepared for gathering the respondents of the key respondents from KDU University College.
The quantitative survey form research method will be conduct over qualitative method.
The result will present in numerical form thus gives more objectives to analysis. The quantifiable data collected is keen to be more generalizable to a larger population as Cadbury is targeting large area of consumers range.
Quantitative collection of research data from audiences helps to collect large amount of quality data that will be useful in graph indicator and analysis.
A structured-direct type of questionnaire consisting of closed-ended questions
The questions will be divided into three sections :
Respondent's profile.
How the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement influence both gender / how Cadbury advertisement capture their attention.
The buying intention / opinion of both gender towards the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement.
Data Gathering Process:
1. Requiring permission from the KDU University College and administer the research instrument to respondents;
2. Distributing the survey questionnaire forms to respondents;
3. Collecting the questionnaire forms from respondents;
4. Tallying the data gathered according to the questions asked
5. Tabulating and analyze data tallied in order to sum up actual answer.
K.S, Hemamalini, and Shree Kaala Krupt. "International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology ." Effectiveness of Television Advertisement on Purchase Intention Vol. 3: 9416-9422. Web. 18 June 2014.
Ancis, J. R., & Phillips, S. D. (1996). Academic gender bias and women's behavioral agency self-efficacy.
Bussey , Kay , and Albert Bandura . SOCIAL COGNITIVE THEORY OF GENDER DEVELOPMENT AND DIFFERENTIATION 106: 1-42. Web. 7 July 2014
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Case Study: Cadbury Dairy Milk's 'Say it with Chocolate' via OgilvyAction Malaysia." . Campaign Brief, 19 Apr. 2014. Web. 18 June 2014. <http://www.campaignbrief.com/asia/2014/04/case-study-cadbury-dairy-milks.html>.
Yap Pek Yee
Bachelor In Communication
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