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investigation methods

No description

paul caulfield

on 12 October 2018

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Transcript of investigation methods

Investigation methods
for fault finding
When investigating a fault it's important to know what tests need to be undertaken
It saves time
Example 1
Garden lighting controlled by an RCBO regularly trips even when the switch is off,
what tests would help you to diagnose the fault?
Insulation resistance test
Let's look at a couple of examples
Fault finding investigation methods
It's good for your company's reputation
Damage to equipment vulnerable to certain tests
Your clients may lose money due to down time
RCD test
Why would the RCBO trip even when the switch is off ?
It may be a fault with the RCBO
It may also be a low resistance fault between neutral and earth
Think about the information we have been provided with
the word regularly was used
the circuit trips even when the lights are switched off
Example 2
You are called out to check a circuit controlling a piece of machinery, the machine stopped running but worked again when plugged into a different circuit.
What tests are you going to carry out?
Continuity test on all conductors
Remember the protective device hasn't tripped
What could cause this type of fault?
Mechanical stress
Loose terminations
Damage by pests or rodents
Sometimes however you won't have to carry out any tests, why ?
Because we use the information that is provided to us, we will also use the senses we spoke about in the last session
Remember ...
Any Questions ?
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