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EDUC 3316

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on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of EDUC 3316

EDUC 3316
What we discovered?

How to create a blog and website using Wordpress
How to create E-PORTFOLIO
Portfolios are common in visual arts, like design and photography. How you tell your story is as important as the story itself. E-portfolio is the one way to tell your story. The ePortfolio is easy to use. It requires only basic word processing, internet skills, and the ability to find a document on your computer. It will be available whenever you want. You can update regularly to show your latest work. Also it will show your design skill.
Lesson Planning through LEARNBOOST
LearnBoost is a greate opportunity for teachers to manage their classroom by offering an amazing gradebook, software for managing and creating lesson plans.
Also they can take attendance and schedule Google calenders.


Three ways to create Google presentation;
You can create a new online presentation
You can upload one that you have already done with different software
You can visit the gallery that has many templates. You can choose them.
In order to create a new presentation, go to your google drive and click on Create button. Then select Presentation option. Whenever you type something, Google drive save your work automatically as long as you have the internet connection. You can also download your presentation in your computer with different file types.

Web 2.0 tools
Web 2.0 is a different ways of creating, collaborating, editing and content online tools. It is also easy to use. There is no need to download. Many od tools are available for education. For example
EDUC 3316
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
In this class, we discussed how technology can be useful in classroom appropriately. Meanwhile, we discovered many useful technology integration tools for teachers and students. Here what we learned in the class;
Learning Style Online Surveys
Digital Storytelling
Movie Maker
Copyright Free Images and Sounds
Lesson Planning through
How I plan to keep myself uptade with
latest educational technology tools

Creating a Youtube channel takes only a few minutes. At first you need to create Google account(free). Then follow these steps:
Visit www.youtube.com
From the YouTube homepage, click on the “Sign in”.
You will see asking to create an account from Google account. Just click on the “Create an Account” button
Then fill the form that asks your information such as username, nickname, birthday, gender etc.
Now you have a youtube account. Next you will need to manage your profile. You can add photo.
When you establish your Google account, click on the “ back to Youtube”
After you have done with this step, you will receive an email to verify your email address.

Here is how your youtube profile looks:
Start with sign up for Wordpress. Then select your template your website. You will be working on your dashboard. Then you can create new pages that will be appears on your home page. You can add media such as photos, youtube videos (explained different slayt). Making pages as homepage is different than maing subpages. So be careful. When you click on "No Parent" your page will appear on homepage. If you want to make a subpage, you click the parent that you wanted to be under that page. ( on the left side)
For Creating blog using with Wordpress , you can watch the video.
The importance of learning style as a teacher side is easy to teach to student with different ways. As long as teachers know their students learning style the can easily approach student.
We took the survey online from two different website. It was a good opportunity to learn our learning styles as whole class.

My results were below if you want to check it.
Linguistic: 58 %
Logical- Mathematical: 56%
Visual- Spatial: 67%
Intrapersonal 69%
Interpersonal 63%
Musical 31%
Bodily- Kinesthetic 42%
Naturalistic 33%
Copyright law gives the owner the right to prevent others from copying their works. You can only do this if you get the permission of the copyright owner.
There are many copyright issue websites. One recommendation for the copyright website is DISCO.


Digital story is a short movies that allows ever time people to share personal life, teaching, or retelling historical events.
Here is one example of digital story(personal story- biography)
Movie maker such a very easy software to create a movie. Related picture is located below. It shows some basic tools. When you understand these tools, the rest willl be so wasy.
Also this the video that you should watch to be more professional on movie maker.

Example from LeanBoost
You can your Web 2.0 tools from these two links.
BuddySchool is platform for people who want to study ot tutor online.
Teachers and students meet to study online.
So, international students can take advantage of actual native speakers.
Advantage of teachers can earn a few extra dollars by spreading their knowledge.

First, open a YouTube video.
When you click the Share button, you will see a link however that's not what we are after--we want to directly embed the video into the page. We do that by clicking the Embed button which is displayed directly below the Link URL, as shown below.

Once you click the Embed button, you will see the HTML code for embedding the video, as shown below.
By clicking your mouse within the new embed code , all the text in that field is highlighted. Then right click in that field, and select Copy from your browser's drop down that will appear when you right click in the field, as shown here:
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software
which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation . Effects are really cool.
First go to www.myeducationkit.com(if you have an acoount)
Second by using Myeducationkit.com>Resources>Lesson Plan Builder create a Lesson Plan.
It has all steps that you will follow.
You will get your lesson plan as a PDF file format.
Internet will be helping me alot to keep tracking to uptade with latest technology tools. I can not see any way to increasing uptading technology tools rather than internet.
I am planning to take online cources because, they are offeing the new technology for teachers and stduents as well.
For examle BuddySchool.


Thank you so much
These are what we learn from EDUC 3316
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