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An insight and explanation into Whistl...

No description

Nikki Baddick

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of An insight and explanation into Whistl...

currently do:
The next step for
Provide a franking machine

Attack competitors such as Pitney Bowes and Neopost

Create statements that identify volumes based on department/groups/project
Thank you for listening

An insight and explanation into Whistl...
UK distributor

By becoming the one and only UK distributor we protect FP UK's relationship with Royal Mail.
Who are
Why us?
What we will do:
Customer benefits with
Market capitalisation:
In ​business, it means to ​control something
​completely and to ​prevent other people
having any ​effect on what ​happens.
Previously known as TNT Post UK
currently employs 1,600 people
4 Billion items were delivered by
last year
currently maintains a positive relationship with over 8,000 customers
Your unsorted mail
is collected
Items are sorted
and processed
Items are handed to
Royal Mail delivery
Your mail is
The service is provided to those organisations that send 500 letters or more each day. The service is also available to those sending over 250 letters per day in a 'hotspot' area.
A hotspot area is an area that another company locally are having 500+ letters collected.
We will be proving the concept

We will be selling the consumables

We will be providing customer care in order to maintain the relationship that
already have with their 8,000+ customers
Secure payment options

Collection of their mail

Ability to view their up to date balance

Security aspects

No need to stock pre-printed envelopes

Clear statements divided into departments etc.
Benefits for
Ability to compete with Pitney Bowes and Neopost

Receiving the money up front

Guaranteed payment due to direct debits
has mastered this:
Proven concept

Expansion into lower volume markets

Could be achieved through the use of organisations such as collect+

Still worth while for
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