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The High School

No description

School Project

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of The High School

At The High School courses are designed to prep students for college. Not only are they ready for college but these courses will apply the topics they learn to everyday life. Classes include auto shop, wood shop, VAPA, culinary classes, home economics, business math, journalism, health & safety, conflict & resolution, different languages, graphic design, and many more classes.
At risk students' needs will also be addressed personally. All classes are for the students to engage in learning with different teaching styles and assorted subjects. At risk students are accommodated to their unique learning style so we can get everyone active in their education.
All students will be motivated to do their personal best in school. The achievement gap will be addressed by having teachers that encourage all their students and talk one on one with those who are falling behind. Also for students with learning disabilities we have classes that move at a slower pace helping them catch up and process the information.

The High School
Enroll Today!
Call: (321)-456-7890
Email: TheHighSchool@ths.com
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The mission statement of our school is to have students reach their highest potential.

Principal: Ms. Amanda Cao

Dean: Ms. Megan Lee

Head Counselor: Ms. Selina Huang

Teacher: Ms. Selin Louie

•English 1 (H)
•Biology (H)
•Algebra II (H)
•Foreign Language 1
•(ROP) Elective

•English 2 (H)
•Chemistry (H)
•Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus (H)
•Foreign Language 2
•World History H/AP
•(ROP) Elective

Students will be judged by their completion of homework, scores they achieve on both standardized tests, regular in-class tests, and the effort they put into work.

The school’s overall success will be based on test scores compared to the state and the nation. Including:
percentage of students passing the Advance Placement exam
percentage of students scoring proficient and advanced on standardized tests
The school’s overall improvement compared to previous years
graduation percentage of the senior class
the number of students attending colleges and universities

Teachers will be able to receive merit pay for helping students achieve higher scores. We hope that teachers will become more active in trying to improve their student’s performance if they get a higher pay.

-one who cares about his or her students (academic and/or personal difficulties)
-understanding, but fair when grading (should not be “pushovers”)
-should have a set rule in rounding students’ grades
-not be tardy or absent unless they have a specific reason
-responsible for properly teaching an explaining new material to students
-However, if individual students need help, it is their own responsibility to ask their teachers not to play favorites among students
-acceptable to have a better teacher-student relationship (due to clubs, previous classes, etc.), but this does not justify favoritism (or nepotism)

-not only cares about a student’s class schedules, but also a student’s social, mental, or physical well-being
-If teachers notice abnormal or irregular behavior in a student, they should send the student to a counselor
-help students solve their problems if students are in need of help
-In terms of academics, counselors should encourage studnets to do their best and not give up
-always support students, but they should not give them additional stress in their lives

- Teachers, counselors, administrators, or others in the school body should help students with stress they may have in their lives, but if students are in need of medical attention, everybody has the responsibility to inform parents and doctors (if necessary).

Food in Cafeteria:

•Made from scratch (made on the day of)
•Healthy (appropriate amounts of fruits, vegetables, protein)
•Not from whole frozen already prepared meals
•Real meat and vegetable content
•Lunch is not free (unless needed then reduced there are reduced fees)

Athletic Facilities:

•All facilities must be clean
•Outdoor soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, pool, and track field
• Indoor basketball, badminton, and volleyball courts, pool, and gym

Every week our high school will raise funds for our programs. Students are given class credit for helping out in our fundraisers. We will hold fundraisers at student-produced concerts, pep-rallies, sport games, school plays, school or community festivals, and other interactive or entertaining places. We highly appreciate donations. We are also given government funding for certain programs at our school (special education, sports programs, VAPA, etc.)

There will be an interactive in-school program called “Lend a Hand” where high-achieving students can help at risk students by setting up meetings where they could talk about themselves and what they are going through. After both students know more about each other, the high-achieving student can then help out his schoolmate by tutoring or giving him good advice. High achieving students can gain leadership skills, learn communication skills, and even acquire volunteer hours for school clubs while motivating and helping at-risk students improve their academic habits.

Emphasis on personal achievements toward goal
Students encouraged to work toward college (or a specific education/career goal)
Rigorous classes to motivate students
Students prepared for life (i.e. time management)
School philosophy focuses on all students equally
Good campus environment
Heavy workload
Classes challenging
Many supplies are needed to support ROP classes
Increased stress for overachievers

The High School strives send all of their students to college. However, if attending college is not the path your children wants to follow, they will be ready to survive in society. All students will be given the proper care and education they deserve despite obstacles they may have. Students will be able to apply the skills they learned at The High School for the rest of their lives.

The High School
We set the eternal flame of success
The Characteristics of Our High School
1) a shared academic focus between students and teachers
2) high expectations of students
3) effective school leadership
4) curriculum and instruction that follows the state standards
5) frequent monitoring of learning and teaching
6) supportive learning environment
7) high levels of family and community involvement.
The High School
Mission Statement
The High School Courses are for EVERYBODY
•English (AP)
•Any social or lab science
•Calculus AB (AP)
•Foreign Language 3
•US History (AP)
•(ROP) Elective

•English (AP)
•Any social or lab science
•Calculus BC / Statistics (AP)
•Foreign Language 4/AP
•US Government and Economics (AP)
•(ROP) Elective

Sample Schedules
In The High School, students are the top priority. Other positions all work to ensure students are receiving the proper education and skills to succeed. Other positions all provide for the students' foundation.
Power Organization
What is a "good teacher"?
What is a "good counselor"?
Environment at The High School
Poor Attendance
warning (maximum 3 per quarter)
possible detention
parent phone call
parent-teacher intervention (conference)
Habitual Tardiness
prolonged detention with specific teachers to make up absent time
parent-teacher intervention (conference); counseling
self reflection (essay)
Inspire the unmotivated
innovative programs to meet specific needs
encourage students (motivation/inspiration speeches by influential people) with different methods
enable students to play to their strengths (specific classes)
Students must follow specific teacher's rules
In general, students are not permitted to use electronics
Non-permitted electronic use will result in warnings, confiscations, and other disciplinary actions based on the situation severity.

Inspire the unmotivated
innovative programs to meet specific needs
encourage students (motivation/inspiration speeches by influential people) with different methods
enable students to play to their strengths (specific classes)
Drug use
random locker/backpack inspection when necessary
drug education
drug awareness
dire consequences if caught using or carrying drugs: suspension or expulsion may be necessary
automatic "zero" if caught attempting to cheat
teachers should be like proctors during a test instead of sitting at their desks
confiscate electronics prior testing
possible suspension/expulsion if cheating persists
rearrange desk arrangement if necessary
must pay fine if caught
install "restroom log" when using the restroom
restrict restroom use if vandalism persists
lock restrooms if vandalism constantly occurs (only open restrooms during passing periods)
lock school after/until certain hours (after/before school)

Disciplinary Actions
Dress Code Violation
warning (2 warnings)
referral to dean (3rd violation)
must change into appropriate clothes (or PE clothes if necessary)
sent home if student does not comply
in-house suspension if necessary

against students: automatic 3-day suspension, possible expulsion (depending on situation), teacher/counselor/administrator/parent intervention (conference or meeting), or police intervention (depending on situation)
against teachers: automatic suspension (until further notice), possible expulsion (depending on situation), teacher/counselor/administrator/school board member/parent intervention conference or meeting, police intervention
any form of violence is non-excusable
bullying must be reported to a teacher or counselor, it is the students' responsibility; if students are caught bullying other students (or even teachers), they will be severely punished
Disciplinary Actions
Helping Out
Strengths & Weaknesses
Why go to The High School?
...Because we're really awesome (\^o^/)


•Chairs face the board
•Teachers stand in front of students
•Classrooms are clean
•Lights are bright
•Max 20 students per class

•Restrooms are clean
•Has paper towels instead of dryer (not automatic)
•Automatic sinks
•Minimum 10 stalls in each restroom
*This is only a sample schedule for a typical student who is aiming to apply for a prestigious university. A student who has a different goal may have a different schedule.
*See handout for school fund raising ideas and events.
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