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No description

Olivia Everingham

on 22 July 2017

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Transcript of chocolate

Chocolate comes from cacao beans, which grew on trees in Central America starting probably 100 million years ago; cacao trees may have gotten
their start on the lower slopes of the Andes Mountains. Cacao trees can only live in hot rainy places near the Equator.
by Olivia
Trees bear large orange fruit, about the size of small pumpkins. You pick the fruit, and many small beans are inside like peas inside a pea pod. The raw beans are really good for you,full of vitamin C and magnesium, but they're bitter. They also have a fair amount of caffeine in them like coffee or tea, and can help you work harder than you could without cocoa. People probably ate cacao

beans as soon as they got to Central America about 15,000 BC.

1. White chocolate is technically not chocolate because it has no cacao solids or liquids in it.

2. M&ms were invented in 1941

3. Every second, across America, they eat approximately 45 kg of chocolate.

4. The smell of chocolate increases brain waves that triggers relaxation.

5. The worlds largest chocolate bar weighed 5,792kg!

6. Chocolate millionaire Milton Hershey canceled his reservations for the Titanic due to last minute business matters (phew!!)

7. Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one third.

8. In 2013 Belgium released a limited edition of chocolate flavoured post stamps.

9. To eat 10kg of chocolate in one go could kill you. That is about 40 Hershey bars.

10. Chocolate can sicken, and even kill dogs.

11. There is a pill that makes your farts smell like chocolate!!!
By 600AD, Maya farmers were growing cacao trees. They said that the gods had brought cacao trees down from heaven and given them to people to farm.
The Aztec government made people pay a lot of their taxes in cacao beans, because they were expensive and you could store them for a long time. But once the government made people use cacao beans as money, most people couldn't afford to actually eat them anymore, and only rich people drank the chocolate drinks made out of cacao beans which then they made into cacao liquid.
Australia's Top 10 tastiest chocolate bars
The History of Chocolate part 1.
The history of chocolate part 2
People drank chocolate in ancient times.

It is believed that people first tasted chocolate between 100 and 200 BC.

It happened in the rainforests of what is now Mexico, where cacao trees grew.
At first, chocolate was not sweet. Chocolate without sugar has a bitter taste. They added things such as ground up peppers and corn to make the chocolate spicy.
The Mayans and Aztecs also liked chocolate to be foamy. They poured it from a great height and this made lots of little bubbles form on top of the drink.
Yummy Money

The Mayans and Aztecs used cacao beans as a type of money. A rabbit could be bought for 10 cacao beans. A slave cost 100 cacao beans. The Aztec King Montezuma was rich in cacao beans. He had nearly 91,000 tonnes of them.
Blood and chocolate
The Aztecs believed that their chief god needed human blood to keep the sun rising each morning. To get the blood they cut the hearts out of prisoners each and every day. This was called sacrifice. Sometimes the people who were sacrificed learned that they were about to die. When that happened, the Aztecs gave them a special drink. It was chocolate mixed with bloody water. Aztecs believed this would make the person forget what would happen.
Chocolate Houses
Chocolate houses were similar to restaurants. People could go to drink chocolate and talk to friends. In 1657 the first chocolate house opened in London. At first chocolate houses were gathering spots for the rich only. But over time, all types of people visited chocolate houses.
Chocolate becomes food.
Chocolate makers also found a use for the leftover cacao butter. It could be used to make chocolate bars. They mixed cacao butter with small amounts of cacao mass and sugar. In 1847 English chocolate maker J.S.Fry created the first chocolate bars. Chocolate bars were cheaper to make than other cacao products. Chocolate suddenly became affordable for everyone.
John Cadbury
In 1824 John Cadbury opened a coffee and tea shop in Birmingham. He also sold chocolate drinks there. He noticed that chocolate was popular so he expanded that part of his business. In 1861 John retired his chocolate business. His two sons, Richard and Gorge,took over. They helped make the Cadbury name famous.
Cacao pods grow directly off the trunk and main branches of the tree. Pods start off green. After about four months, they turn red, yellow or orange. That means they are ready to pick.
Another sweet surprise
In their pods, cacao beans are surrounded by a sticky white fluid. This white fluid is sweet. People like to drink it,but it tastes nothing like chocolate.
Types of chocolate
Chocolate comes in all different flavours. Here are some of the most popular...
Milk chocolate
Milk chocolate is the type found in most chocolate bars.
White chocolate
White chocolate is mainly made up of cacao butter. White chocolate also contains sugar, milk and vanilla.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is sweetened chocolate with a lot of cacao mass. This creates a dark colour. Dark chocolate usually contains little milk.
10. violet crumble

9. Smarties

8. Cadbury flake

7. snickers

6. Cherry ripe

5. Kit Kat

4. Freddo frog

3. Aero

2. Cadbury Dairy milk

1. Mars bar
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