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Revenue and Reputation


Drew Geldart

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Revenue and Reputation

Sales Roadmap PNE 100th Anniversary feeds content and discussion in... used as a tool for... our network can find it on... speaking
engagements capabilities
presentations sales packages /
electronic proposals How do we make sales? We talk to people Conversations where we:
Demonstrate our relevance $6 million (prospects) What do we need to do? We need reasons to talk grow and
leverage networks create community attract attention ATB Financial BC Business Sponsorship Promote it through... Use the event to create... Creates brand assets that live on... Publicity Discussion All together Sponsorship
Followup workshop
Direct Marketing sector campaign
Social Media - increased content and more immiedate to replace newsletter, + musings
Networking - local, out of town (e.g.conferences and client trade shows)
Public relations
EXTERNAL and internal

Budget: $78,320

Advertising REPUTATION REVENUE Portfolio Building Social Media Announcements Interaction Thought leadership Portfolio Awards Announcements Public Relations Karo Kaus Sales Campaign Sponsorship Networking Harvest New clients Existing clients 1000 attendees
Top business leaders in Vancouver
Direct engagement up to 600 on day Print and digital advertising
Increases exposure to 24,000
Ongoing exposure for 12 months Followup campaign: workshop
marketed to 300 Aim: 300 business cards
60 conversations on day Regular networking by
all Gardening members in 2010 Direct marketing
Sector specific
Develop brand asset Aim: reach 200 businesses across
Canada and US (west coast) Aim: 40 conversations podcast
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