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No description

Jasmin Corral

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Frozen

The movie triggered deep-hearted conversations between kids and their parents.

Ticket sales for the movie Frozen are now above $1.2 billion, making it the highest grossing animated film ever.
It is the highest grossing Disney Animated Film.
There are two strong female characters that viewers can choose to favor, a princess and a queen.
Everyone knows all of the songs that are in Frozen because they're just so catchy. These "Broadway-ready" songs hit the top of the charts. Especially Idina Menzel's beautifully sung "Let it Go".
Catchy Songs Top It Off
Characters and their Voice Actors
Frozen vs Tangled
Idina Menzel
Kristen Bell
Josh Gad
This beautifully created Disney character has an internal conflict that is indirectly shown by her actions throughout the movie. She finds peace with herself and her sister by the end of it and has resolved her conflict. She and others, finally accept that she is different and can use her magical abilities for the greater good and not be afraid of them and herself.
Anna is an optimistically determined Disney Princess that is fixed on finding her sister and saving the kingdom. She can be hilarious one second, then sweet and awkward the next. She is a daring character willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. Her awkwardness creates a funny romance, that she is oblivious to, with another protagonist in the movie.
"Hi, I'm Olaf. And I like warm hugs."
Olaf is the funniest, goofiest, and sweetest character you'll ever meet. All the kids love him because he's never down and knows when to cheer someone up. He was initially introduced in the beginning of the movie when Anna and Elsa were playing around, before the incident, and they created Olaf, a snowman. He then becomes alive later in the movie, when Anna and Kristoff are searching for Elsa.

This reindeer-loving, independent, handsome, ice harvester, journeys along with Anna to find her sister Elsa. He is joined with his reindeer and partner Sven, whom he amusingly translates for, as he knows what he is trying to say. He and Anna end up falling in love together at the end of the movie: her final romance.
Frozen won two Oscars at the 86th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song "Let It Go".
They could use the inspiring messages to talk about not being afraid of who you are, listening to your heart, and believing in yourself.
There was no need to talk about Tangled because Frozen is obviously better and more popular than any other animated movie. If you need a little more convincing..
If you didn't notice or haven't seen Tangled, the main character, Rapunzel, talks to a chameleon and gets advice from it. Weird. She's also an indecisive, emotional roller coaster.
The movie is narrated by Flynn Rider, the man she ends up marrying. Like why can't she tell her own story? She doesn't need a man to tell her own story. It's basically saying that every woman needs a man to talk for her and that she can't do it herself. Like no.
Rapunzel lived a lie because of her 'mother'. It could easily cause very young kids to question whether or not their parents are actually their parents.
Last but not least, this is not the only story of Rapunzel. In Shrek 3, she is depicted as an evil back-stabber because she decided to side with the horrible Prince Charming. So, Rapunzel can be known to have a bad reputation.
Citations for the Pictures and Sound Files

















The summaries I wrote for the characters were from my own memory of watching the movie.

By: Jasmin Corral
Maddie singing "Let It Go"
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